Saturday, April 02, 2011

Really Joyful Two Weeks….

I have just come back after a really long and tiring travel. Though I am so much sleepy, tired and also hungry,  but still, I decided to write about the last two sessions of mine which I finished in the last two weeks and fortunately, both have went really well. It’s always so good to see that people actually like what you tell them and appreciate your passion about something. I do try my level best to give my best possible efforts to make a program go as smoothly as possible and the only way to know that it really did happen once I get to hear the feedback and comments of the delegates, both in the written and verbal format.

The first class was relatively of an easy module. It was for the basic administration skill set and relatively, the delegates also were not very familiar with the database and it’s working. Though I love to talk about database whenever and wherever possible but discussing about with those who are completely new to it, that’s an absolute charm for me. Why? Because its so easy to fill an empty cup but if the cup is already full, its very tough to add something more to it. That’s the same what happens when the delegates are not having much of the idea about the database. And I just feel that I must tell them as much as possible about oracle db and how it works(with whatever little I know). Its so good to see the light bulb getting lit on their heads and see the shine in their eyes when they understand a complex concept. And as I say always, I am fortunate enough that I have always got very good delegates in my session and this also was not any different. The delegates were really good, friendly, co-operative and also very keen to know and understand about oracle db. It was a great fun and my honor to discuss oracle db and also, a little about Cricket with them. I am not really into Cricket and this can be very evident from the fact that all I know about this game is that one side does bawling and another side does batting. And I don’t watch complete match, never did and neither will ever do. All I do care about is that what’s the final result? If you have are a regular here, you must be aware that I was especially happy when there was a victory of India over Australia and don’t ask me why but I just was so happy! Anyways, so we did discuss that match and a little about Cricket in-between the sessions. But overall, it was more of Oracle db that was the topic of discussion and must be because I was there for doing that only, cricket just happened to be happening while we were doing that :) . It was a very good session and all the delegates, very kindly, gave me very good remarks in the final rating including a very good rating score as well. Thanks so much guys and I hope that I can be with you all in some another session discussing Oracle again :) .

There was a free weekend for me and since I was also having company of a colleague who also taught me and for me, still she is my teacher first than colleague) . Though she is my colleague and also my teacher, still she treats me like her younger brother and whenever I need to look for some advice, I go to her straight away. She knows almost all about me , what has happened with me and because of that, a certain topic also was a part of the discussion this time when I met her this time. Anyways, that topic is not going to be discussed here but what I shall discuss(in an another blog post) would be that we both spent the weekend together, starting right from Friday evening itself. She is at Hyderabad from last 2 months serving a contract and didn’t go to any place except this time when I came there. Whenever we both are together(which happens very less even when we are from the same city), we do try to go out and see the place where we are at that time(mostly it would be Hyderabad only). This time, we had a great fun discovering new places and also, tasting new cuisines. I did had  a great time spending an evening with my friend Sidhu last week. All about that, would be in an another post :) .

So after the weekend was over(which was a great fun, did I say that already ;-)), it was time to start another session and this was actually completely different from the first one because it was a very tough module and was for very senior delegates. Though the number of delegates was not very big but they were all very senior and already had a very fair idea about oracle db and it’s workings. That’s an another sort of challenge because when the delegates are senior and are so knowledgeable, one needs to be very precise in choosing and saying his statements. There were two delegates whom I knew already very well. Both are my friends and one of them, has already attended 3 another sessions of mine. Everything was going great except for one day when one of the delegates asked me about my Oracle book and when it’s releasing. Hmm now that was a little (happy) surprise because I don’t talk about my book and about me being an Oracle ACE. I never mention anything like that when I give my introduction before the starting of the program and neither about my blog. I know many would say “why'” but that’s what I am, I don’t like to self-praise me and also to brag about myself. If someone finds out anything out of these things on his own, its a different thing and I do reply all the questions asked after that but I never try to start these topics myself. Anyways, so the delegate asked me and after that, some other things also came out (like how many ACE’s are there and how did I become one, my interest about oracle db and so on) . I must say, I am not so comfortable talking about myself like a Guru. I do like to talk so much about how one can become good in Oracle db, can become a real expert aka Guru and also about Oracle ACE but when it  comes to me, I am not very good in giving answers. Anyways, it was still a great time spent talking about all that stuff with the delegates and I was so happy to see that how much respect they gave to me, being an Oracle ACE. Thanks so much guys, I really am not that much big expert and certainly not a Guru at all.I am just an ordinary, normal guy who loves Oracle db and knows a little about it, that’s all. But still,thanks so much for all the nice words and interest in my book. I hope it comes out soon and I can have a real review from you guys about it. Till then, thanks once again from the bottom of my heart! For a small guy like me, this all means so much, trust me!

It was indeed a very good time spent in the last two weeks. I am free now for two days and in this time, would try to finish some of the unfinished personal tasks of mine along with taking some rest to gear up for a really hectic and tense week which is coming ahead for me. Hope it goes fine. As I said, I shall be writing about the (rare) good times that I experiences soon so  as it is said, do keep watching this place :) . Have a great weekend all!


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