Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Came To Its End(With A Good Note)….

Though it’s supposed to be a weekend but it wasn’t for me. It was a working day for me since I happened to start this week on Tuesday because there was an official holiday in South India on Monday. I had spent two days before coming here in lot of chaos. There are a lot of things going on and at times, it just feels like that all of it is just too much. To make matters worse, at times, the loneliness comes and kills as well. I just talked to my mom when I came back and what I heard from her about what’s going on and also about her health, it just shook me up.

Just about when I was lost in all these (and still I am) lost in such tensions related to family, there was another thought which was striking within my head all the time. And that was about the session which was scheduled for me for this week. Though I have taught this module for some 50 times now but still, given the client and the module combined together, there were sufficient reasons for me to be really worried about what’s going to happen. I know the module but still, an uneasy feeling was there(which is still there but now for another client whom I am visiting on Monday) that what would happen in the session, whether it would go fine or not etc etc. One can imagine from this that even after I was back from the session, I would just sit in my room and study for the next day(remember that I said, 50 times already!). A really tough session it was but may be that’s the reason that I did put a little extra efforts into it to make it get completed successfully and guess what, it did go well :)!

When I started off the session, it did start with a delay because there were some glitches related to projector, display sheet etc and then the client had some settings to do on the local machines to make it accessible, which also took time. Also, many of the delegates , they got late. Despite all the glitches and issues, we were able to start the session before the tea-break and also, did do a lot of discussion as well. Though all the delegates were so senior guys, they were still so friendly, nice and co-operative. It was just so good to be with for these last five days and spent hours of discussion about Oracle db. I haven’t yet got the official rating so my fingers are crossed but still, I am hoping(and wishing) that it wouldn’t be so bad if won’t be so good. It would take two days for it to get reflected in our systems so I have to wait till that time and that’s something that I am not very happy to do. Anyways, about the delegates, as I said that all were very nice and friendly. It can be easy to imagine that how good they would be that on the end of the session i.e. today, two of the most senior members(both are managers and leading their own teams) of the group, took me for dinner at a theme restaurant called Gufa restaurant. Its a theme restaurant whose theme is cave(that’s what the meaning of the word Gufa is as well) . I did like the place and it’s ambience but I am not too sure that I can say the same about the food and its taste as well. But still, that’s my personal opinion and given the fact that there were so many people visiting the place, I guess its better that if you are coming to Banglore, you should give it a go at least for once and see how do you find it? But all said and done, still it was due to the kind invitation from the delegates that I went to this place so my big thanks goes to S and V and also to the entire group. I hope you guys have enjoyed the session and also this, that we shall meet you soon. Thanks again so much :) .

So this week is finally over and it did come to an end with a smiling note but still, there seems to be no end visible to my tensions still. Tomorrow I shall be at another place for which traveling would start in the morning itself. That program is going to be a tough, really tough one and thinking about it is already making me feel so nervous. And to just put the last cherry on the cake, an extremely severe headache is there as well along with both the elbows are having pain as well , thanks to the accidents that did happen some time back with me. Okay just to be precise, one is a recent one and happened just a few days ago and other  a few  years ago. I have been suggested to go to a doctor to my friends but I have decided that I wont go to him, no matter what. Whatever headache has to do with me, I shall let it do it :) .

Its really late for me and since I am going to be traveling tomorrow, a little bit of sleep wont hurt to make me feel refreshed(if I actually would be able to sleep). So I shall try to catch some sleep now and take some rest :) .


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