Saturday, February 19, 2011

Traveling Time But With An Upset Mood….

It’s been a crazy and busy day today. I was running from here to there to do tons of things, mostly doing damage control. I shall be on the road again and to tell the truth, I am in a real bad mood!

Day started with visiting my travel guy whom I have to pay back some amount for a travel. I had requested him to let me pay him in installments since there are tons of things that are on my head and since I happened to know and working with him from so long, I believed that at least this much flexible he can be while doing business with me and fortunately, he did accept my request. So today it was the first installment that I went to pay him. He asked me how did everything go, in answer of which I gave him my “signature” smile and said, “it was okay”. Not sure if I could really tell him that for whom I went, they didn’t even wait for  me to get back home to punish me for doing “always just what I want”, I don’t understand a darn thing and I am just wrong in doing anything and everything that I do! May be I really am not good at all, I don’t know. But still, what I do know is that it’s very easy to give a promise than later mention that due to one reason or the other, it’s not possible to do anything about it but it’s tough, it’s really tough to overcome obstacles and do something, even if it’s really  not alike picking stars from the sky! Not sure what is right and what is not, to be honest, I guess it’s better to say that it’s just me who is bad and not right.

After that, I got a call that there is a “serious” trouble that has happened in my last session. I have to admit that I did mess it up by doing something to me and not finishing it up. The heat of that act is coming with full force over me and almost all, whose name I can recall, are mad over me like hell! I have done efforts to sort the things out but not sure what’s really going to happen? I just hope that things get settle down properly, without making much of mess(there is already enough to make me stay awake).

I shall  be back on the road from tomorrow. It’s going to be really tough sessions which are coming ahead and I am somewhat scared. Not sure from what, but I am scared. I hope I shall be able to finish everything without doing anything else wrong. There are plenty of the things which I have screwed up already and I really don’t think that I would be able to handle any more of it. Let’s see what happens?


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