Friday, February 18, 2011

Pain Depicted So Nicely In Just Two Lines….

At times, it takes thousands of sentences to depict the pain and at times, just few words say it all, tell about it all that how the wounds given by the beloved ones hurt, kill you long before you would actually kiss death! I read few of such lines just now and they all hit the nail right on the head and did complete justice to depict such pain. They are in Hindi, I shall translate in English as well. So here is the first one,

Usi ka shehar, wo hi muddai, wo hi munsaf,

Humein yaqeen tha humaara kasoor niklega

And here is it’s translation in English,

Her city, she only being litigant, she only being judge,

I was sure, I would be proved guilty!

Here comes the second one,

Mujhe bhi yaad rakhna jab likho tareekh-e-wafa Sagar,

K maine bhi lutaya hai mohabbat mein sukoon apna!


And here is it’s translation,

Do keep me in mind too when would write the tales of love,

That I too have lost my peace, happiness in love!


Third one,

Humaare bagair bhi aabad hain unki mehflein Mohsin,

Aur hum nadaan samjhte the mehflon ki raunaq hum se hai!


And it’s translation,

Without me also her parties are in full swing,

And I fool was in illusion that it’s me because of which her parties have smiles, happiness!


Fourth one,

Abhi justju mein hoon uski to ehsaas nahin hai usko,

Ro ro k pukarega humein jaraa marr to jane do!


And it’s translation,

I am still in search of her that’s why she is not bothered about me at all,

She will shout my name being drowned in tears, just let me die!


What do I add to such already so good lines? May be will just say this that heat of fire is only felt who is set on fire, wetness of tears on cheeks is felt by those only who have their eyes filled with them, what it feels to sit in a lonely corner, hide your head in in your knees and hearing the sound of nothing but your own cries, how it feels, one can only know if he is having those cries coming out of him and in the same way, how deep is the meaning of the above eight lines is, if you don’t understand, well, don’t bother about trying to do so too!


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