Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Awesome….

I have just got the below two lines from a friend in a text message and I just loved them. So without saying anything more, here they go,


Tujh mein aur mujh mein faraq sirf itna hai,

Main tere liye sirf hoon aur tuu mere liye sab kuch hai!


And it’s meaning in English is,

The only difference between you and me is,

For you, I’m just there but for me, you are everything!


I am not sure that I would add something  more to it except this that it takes a lot to forget yourself and do things for someone else but it’s very easy just to think about yourself. It takes nothing to live for your own but it takes a lot to die for someone else. It’s so easy to smile for yourself but it takes a lot to cry for someone else. I guess I shall stop here since I am going to be in the session. There is another piece of an awesome (sad) poetry with me which I shall be putting here soon. So till then, watch this space :) .


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