Friday, February 25, 2011

Overseas Travel, Once Again….

I am sitting here in my class room and waiting for the delegates to finish the practice session. Though I am not feeling well, but I guess, we still had a great week and discussed many things about oracle. I hope that despite my upset mood which has nothing to do with oracle didn’t impact much my program and also the delegates didn’t see the anger on my face which I tried to put behind my smile. The delegates are really good, friendly, supportive and showed a great interest in listening and learning the complex module which we have covered in this week. I hope I was able to say something useful and did help them in some way to get started. For few times, I was totally blank thinking about somethings but then I was able to gather myself and was back on track.

For the next week, I was going to be staying here only. But there is a change of plan now and I have to travel overseas. It has come all of a sudden and the module also would be a real tough one. On top of it, I am not feeling so well as well, both physically and mentally. So I am not sure that how well I am going to do. There is already a messed up program hanging on my head which I did in Mumbai few days back when I was hospitalized and I am really not sure what’s going to happen for this one. This is going to be my 2nd overseas trip in this year. The first one, for which not many anyone know but I worked really really hard and had really thought that it would bring smile on someone’s face and seeing that smile, I also would be able to smile. But I didn’t know that for doing so, I would be getting so severe punishments which would start even before I would get back and also, I  would get to hear that I do always just what I want! I tried to shut myself down but it didn’t go as planned and even if it would had happened, I guess it doesn't matter. Anyways, I am going for this another overseas trip now and I just hope that it goes well. Let’s see, fingers are crossed.


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