Monday, August 29, 2011

There Are Such Gals Still? Unbelievable….

I haven’t written anything since I have come back and now, when I thought that I shall put together this small post, its time for me to leave again tomorrow. Yes, my short holiday at home is over tomorrow and I shall be back on the road. Tiring but work is work and with work only, everything is there so its okay, I can’t complain. The packing is almost done and besides it, I have finished couple of other small but important tasks as well. Fortunately, I shall be at a location where I don’t get to go often but it is one of my favorite ones. Hope the program also would be going fine. Though I have given the expression that its going to be yet another travel related post of mine but its not. Actually, its about a conversation that I had with someone when was coming back to home this time from Chandigarh in the bus. A conversation which made me feel happy, proud and yet, sad and hurt!
I have a habit(not sure good or bad) to talk to anyone and not really boasting off but if the person is willing to talk even 1 percent, I can pull off a conversation. So the same happened this time as well when I was sitting with another passenger, a guy who was also traveling along. He probably was getting late for his meeting and he asked me that what time the bus would reach  to which I replied that it would take about two hours and told the approximate time accordingly. He surely was going to miss his meeting, I told him this! He asked where I am coming from and where I am going and I replied that I am coming from Banglore and going back to my home. He asked me what I do and obviously , I did ask the same to him after telling about me. He told that he belongs to a business family and is born and brought up at Punjab only, did his master in Finance and now handling his dad’s business. He also told that he has got two elder brothers out of which one is working in UK and another in Banglore itself and one sister, who is undergoing her MBA in USA. Well, quite a family I said to him. Talks went to the cultures around the world and within India as well and we both mentioned that there is no place better than Punjab and there is no one better than Punjabi’s as well in the entire world! And just before anyone would bother to comment that its not true and I need to see the world, for the record, I have seen at least almost entire India and within it as well, some places really closely and may have not seen the entire world but have seen some part of it for sure. So though the statement is on a general basis only(there are always exceptions everywhere and in everything) but its still still is holding good. We talked about friendship, culture, food and almost everything before coming down to relations and love. He told me that I am a nice guy so he is willing to share a little secret of his. He asked that I might be amazed that why being a rich lad as he told me he his, he is traveling in bus? Well, that was indeed a question in my mind because its not very far and the road is excellent as well. So most of the people do travel with their own vehicles only and since he mentioned that he belongs to a millionaire family, he should had been travelling by a car. Well, came out that the reason was something completely different and like always, it was due to love that he was in a bus than being in a car. He told that he is in love with a gal and that’s the reason of his bus commute.
He said that he met this gal in Chandigarh who is originally from Delhi. After some casual meetings, both fell in love deeply. But she is not from the same caste of the guy. The guy belongs to a Hindu family and the gal belongs to a Sikh family who is based out of Delhi. Well, so the same happened what would happen when the gal’s mom would come to know about her relation, her (forced) wedding got fixed and she was taken back to Delhi from Chandigarh. He told me that it happened so sudden that he came to know only when she was at Delhi and called from her friend’s cell phone. He said that she was crying and told that she would rather die than marrying someone else and she means it! Well, that’s not what would any lover would let happen to his gal I believe so he picked his car and drove all the way to Delhi. He said that he went to her friend, asked her to go to the gal’s home and convey his message that he is there to pick her up and bring her to his home, Punjab! Well, that gal, who already said that she would rather accept death than being with someone else, didn’t show any fear and came along with him. He picked her right in front of her home, drove straight to airport, parked the car at airport and took train from Delhi to Ambala! From Ambala, took bus and came to Punjab to his home. He made the gal meet his mom, dad and told them the entire thing. Now, when a guy would go to this extent for a gal and not just any road punk but an educated and from well settled family, its a clear notion for the parents that he is in madly love with that gal and if the gal takes such extreme step , that’s enough to show too that she loves her guy so much too! Seeing all this, guy’s parents accepted her with open arms and called to her parents. They invited the gal’s family to their home to discuss. He said that they were very upset(no doubt about it) but they came and when the gal was asked in front of all that whether she loves this guy and wants to be with him, she said a very strong YES clearing all the doubts, if there were any in anyone’s mind and displayed her commitment towards the guy! All got settled down and now both would be getting married in the Winters this year some time. So since the guy had left his car at Delhi, he went along with the gal to Chandigarh to drop her there so that she can continue her job and after going back to home, next day, he was going to Delhi again to pick up his car from airport’s parking.
Now, that’s an amazing story isn’t it! Yes, I am not in favor personally to do these kinds of things but like its said, desperate moments call for desperate actions and given the fact that it was a do or die kind of situation, the actions of both guy and gal, cant be completely called wrong too! And between the guy and gal, for me, its the gal who earned the biggest credit because its so tough for a gal to take this kind of step holding on just one and only one thing, her love for the guy! I salute to the gal who underwent so much but didn’t leave the side of her guy. If she would had said that no, I don’t want to be with this guy and it was a mistake that I came along with him, the life of the guy was screwed completely and not just his life, his heart would had been broken into millions of pieces in a way that nothing would had been able to cure it! That’s the same what this guy Rajeev told me as well and its nothing but the truth! When the gal says to you that if you are going to show up at her home, she would even not recognize you and would simply tell that she has nothing to do with you, how much it hurts can be understood by only those who have heard it! Rajeev told me that for that split moment, his heart was beating like crazy but when he heard her saying that she wants to be with him, there is nothing that can explain that moment and though I have no idea how it does feel to hear it, I still can imagine that it must be a moment of life time!
It was almost the end of the journey for me but Rajeev had to go further so I shook his hand and said that I shall pray for his gal and him and all would be fine and came to the door of the bus, waiting for my stop to come. It felt so good to see that there are still gals like Charan(preet) for whom their guy is more than anything, even than them self as well! In this world of “professional” people who think about their dreams of study in abroad, career more than anything else, seeing that such gals like Charanpreet still exist, was a very satisfactory and unbelievable feeling for me! God bless them both!


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