Sunday, August 07, 2011

Happy Friendship Day To All….

Today is International Friendship Day, a day to cherish your friends and their friendship, to tell them that they mean so much to you and its their presence that makes your life meaningful! All the relations which one has in his life are given to him but friends and love are two which one chooses by himself and if any one out of two gives a bad taste, it hurts much more than words can say! So on this day, do not just tell your friends that how good they are for you but make sure that you take care that you don’t leave a bad taste in their mouth ever and be there with them all the time when they need someone! This world is a place where people prefer to be selfish, practical and care much more for their own dreams, wishes and aspirations than caring for others and their feelings/emotions/cries and tears. Do not do that if you call your self friend of someone. I wish all of you a very happy and friendship day!

And just in case, this question is popping in your mind that whether I believe on what I just said above, if you know me, you must be aware about this fact that I can take a bullet for the one whom I call my friend!


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