Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Short Overhearing….

At times, at the most odd places, you get to hear/view things which force you to sit back and think. At times, these things bring a smile but most of the times, they bring tears only. The same happened with me this time when I was sitting on the airport this time while sitting on the airport.

I was at Bombay airport this time because I had to take a transit flight from there to Banglore. While sitting in the waiting lounge, I overheard the talk of two Ounjabi guys who were sitting on the chairs behind me. They were talking about a gal with whom one of them was in love and as like always, was in pain because of it. He was telling to his friend that how she doesn’t care at all to pick his calls and also to answer back when he leaves a message or a miss call and tells him that she couldn’t because she was so much busy. How she never bothers to see that whether he is sad or happy or whatever and is just lost in her own things all the time! He told his friend that it hurts him so much when he sees her being so happy with her friends but when it comes to him, she is suddenly so much busy, all of a sudden she is so upset! His friend was so much angry and said that ask her once and for all that if this is the way she is going to behave, it won’t be long before that you would leave her. But this other guy was just in so much in love with that (idiot) gal and he replied that I love her J and despite that I really get so upset and hurt when she does all this, the moment, be it how small may be, when she says to me I love you, I forget everything! His friend said to him in Punjabi, “saaleya royenga ikk dinn nukkre baith k, chhadd de us nu” which translates to,”idiot, you will sit and cry one day sitting in a corner, just leave her”. At just at that time, boarding for my flight got announced and I had to get up from there missing the reply of the guy in love. I still can take a fair guess that he must have replied in a “no” and told to his friend that it won’t happen ever, not knowing that this only would happen one fine day with him! Its a fact and he just doesn’t know it yet, he just doesn’t!

Rather than saying anything more, I guess, the below two lines will hit the nail on the head completely,

Suna hai us ko loot liya kisi rahbar ne,

Ye waqeya to meri dastaan se milta hai!


And its translation in English is,

I heard that he got robbed by some friend,

This sounds like a story of mine only!


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