Sunday, August 07, 2011

Somehow, Just Got It Completed….

The last week’s session, I don’t know why but was something that I can’t say that I really liked. Nothing wrong with the module or with the delegates but its with me only I guess. I was kind of burned out after a LONG travel and may be, the sickness of mine also contributed to it. Yeah, I am not feeling well, severe stomachache which started two days ago out of nowhere and fever(which is now, after a day at home, a little better) which just made the last two days of the session and my travel, completely messed up. But still, one thing which made the session completely successful was that the delegates were happy when left and they had a smile on their face, a good sign always to tell that you did well. Thanks so much guys for the kind words and for your cooperation. I hope I did say something which was useful for you and you would be able to use the things we discussed in your work productively. A big thanks once again to be there and listen to me :-) .

The travel back to home was also a very tiring and long one or may be I just felt it in that way because of not being well. Normally, I shall get a direct flight back from Banglore to Chandigarh but this time, the flight which I got was going first to Mumbai and from there, I had to take another one to Chandigarh. Normally, it wouldn’t have hurt but this time, being in bloody pain, really made it a tough task to accomplish and toughest bit was to be at airport at 3am because the first part of my travel was starting from 5:30am. I did reach the airport on time somehow still. Its always a busy sight at the airport and its always something happening there that will bring a smile on your face(if you have a habit of observing people). For example, at 3:30am, I see a stupid girl who was considering herself an iPhone Queen, wearing sun glasses and roaming around like she was lost. And then, on Mumbai airport, I saw the actress(?) Veena Malik standing in the queue of a very cheap and low-class airline :-) . If you don’t know who is she, don’t bother to look to, she isn’t worth the effort anyways. Anyways, so after a long travel,I was at Chandigarh, took the bus and reached home, sweet home :-) . It won’t be long that I shall be able to stay at home but still, there is nothing that can be compared with being at home and being with your mom, dad right :-) ?


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