Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Short Moments Of Happiness….

Well, first a quick travelogue which in fact, I started writing when I was at home for a night on this Saturday. I had a really tiring travel for the whole day and reached home at about  9:30pm. Though it was so good to be back home after so many days, even if it was only for a night but I was a little sad too as I was leaving just the next very morning. It was a tiring, in fact, really tiring travel but you got to do what you got to do so here I am, sitting in my hotel room writing this quick post about two small moments of happiness which did come today.

If you are a regular here, you must be aware that I spent the last week traveling overseas and it wasn’t a place where I was very keen to travel. But those who know me, they are well aware of the fact that if I am out for something, I shall give it my best even if I am upset, sick, whatever! I had my mind going crazy sittig there thinking tons of things but I tried to stay as much focused as I could for the program. Though I got applaud, guys took pics with me, gave some very kind statements as well but still, I was a little bit worried like always about the official rating since that’s what is most important when it comes to professional work of mine. Well, it has come today and though I can’t put it here, but its really good! All I can say is thanks to the delegates being so kind. Thanks a lot to all the delegates who attended the session for all the kind words they said, excellent rating and for making my day. It was great to be with all of them and I hope, we can meet some time again soon.

That was the first moment! The second one made me feel a little special along with bringing the smile, so here it goes :-) .

I am not from those who are really bothered about making a public image sort of thing. Though it won’t be completely correct to say that people don’t know my name(there is just one Aman Sharma as far as I know, or at least haven’t met another Aman Sharma ever anywhere, either in real or virtual world who is doing Oracle) or don’t know that who I am? I believe, if not so many, at least some handful do know me and also that what I do. But at times, even you are not aware that who knows you and how and where you end up meeting with them? In my last week’s session as well, one delegate mentioned to me that am I the same Aman who is very active on Oracle forums(yes I am) and I said yes! And this has happened with me couple of times and the same happened today as well. I was standing after the lunch with someone in the corridor when one guy, who was standing and looking at me, approached towards me and asked, “are you Aman Sharma?” Well, very well I am, I replied. He shook hand with me and told me his name and I was a little embarrassed since I couldn’t recall him at all. Then he mentioned that he has asked me many questions on forums. He had seen my pics on some site I guess so he figured it out that it was me only who is standing there and thought to meet me. He was also from Punjab and he said that I am very happy to finally meet you :-) . Well, I won’t be honest if I shall say that for a moment even, the feeling of being a celebrity didn’t come to me and I didn’t smile, I actually did :-) . I know, I am not Tom Cruise but its always good to know that people know you all over the world and have respect for you. Most importantly, they are not just your friends but people whom you have never met even! What can be more joyful than seeing this that someone recognizes you and knows your name even and is happy to meet you? If that’s not enough to bring the feeling of being a celebrity , I am not sure what else can? But forgetting that stupid feeling at that time, I said to him thanks for his so kind gesture , told him that he can add me as a friend on the social networking sites( he is already added to my friend list in one website) and we shall keep in touch. I shall be seeing him for the whole week since he is attending some training in a room which is next to mine. Thanks so much buddy, it was superb to meet you and thanks so much for making me feel like a very special person which I am actually not :-) .

At times, even however may small, some moments  just bring a genuine smile on your face, something which is so rare to come otherwise!


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