Thursday, August 25, 2011


I had been on bed from the last two hours doing something or the other then stopping and trying to sleep but nothing seems to be working out. It was a long, tiring day, enough to make me feel dead when I got back and may be this wasn’t enough because now, to complete the torture, headache has come too! I have taken a tablet for the medicine for the headache a while ago but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Its 1:20am when I am writing this and sitting like this is something which I just hate so much because this lonely brings tons of thoughts to my mind which just make me so much upset thinking over some things said and done by some people! And when it happens, it just turns an otherwise calm and quite Aman to a red hot burning Aman!

So what you do when you are not able to sleep, have a bloody upset mind and a damn headache? Well, nothing but random stuff like listening to stupid songs, read some random stuff on various (tech) websites and also, read some poetry! So here is one which is from my archives of poetic treasure,

Intezaar-e-maut mein jinda hain warna,

Kaun jeeta hai duniya mein tamashaa ban kar!


And its translation in English is,

Just living in the wait of death,

Otherwise who wants to live in this world being a joke!


Yes, some times, some people just turn you in the eyes of the world nothing but a joke , over whom world laughs every time. When your turn your back towards people, it always seems that they are laughing over you, over what you did, said and about all the things of yours and even may be its not done in front of you, you can just see it in the eyes of the people that insult, that smile which they which seems like making a fun of you shamelessly and pierce deep inside you, causing pain not just to the heart but even over the soul . What to do when it happens? Well, wish I could knew it but I don’t and I guess, I won’t be able to find the answer ever too!


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