Friday, August 26, 2011

Tough Week Came To An Happy Ending….

This last week’s session was probably among the most toughest ones that I have ever taken and believe me when I say this, at some moments, I had sweat on my forehead sitting in a centrally air-conditioned facility! The delegates were really really good, super smart and also, very knowledgeable about the module. And I must add, very friendly and co-operative as well! I am sure at some moments, I really had to pull it through but they still were with me and I believe, that’s only possible because they were supportive. Though it was very grueling session for me( I am having severe headache since last 3 days and I am taking tablets like candies with no effect) but today evening, when we finished, besides the usual sign of a smile on their face, one of the delegates mentioned that it was a nice session and few asked my email address and I just got convinced that a very tough week came to a happy ending. Though it was tough but I must say, it was a big time learning experience for me and that too for a module which I have delivered very SUCCESSFULLY already in India as well at overseas. But as I believe always, there is always something new to learn when you are dealing with a massive technological beast called oracle database :-) .

I shall be traveling early in the morning and will be at home for 2 days before I would leave for another program. Its going to be a long tour and I won’t be able to sleep again tonight(haven’t slept very well thanks to the damn headache for it) but still, any time that I can be at home means so much to me and going back after getting the job done, that’s just like the cherry on the cake! Have a happy weekend everyone!


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