Friday, June 17, 2011

Yet Another Poetic Try….

I am not a poet, never claimed to be one and probably, never will be one either. Whenever I have tried to write something poetic(here , here, here,here,here and here) , I have mentioned it that don’t expect that I shall be writing a masterpiece in poetry. Still, at times, when some thoughts, pains of some wounds given over soul rise their head, one does attempts to do many things. Some die(some try doing it but not sure why their wish of going away doesn’t get fulfilled) , some get themselves buried under work and some, along with burying themselves into work, do give a try to write some words even. Irony is that those who give such wounds, such pains to their beloved ones . This is the reason for these write up to originate, at least in my case. If you think that they are a complete shame to poetry, well, there you go. I have been warning you all the time that don’t expect Shakespear or Ghalib writing here. So with the fair warning, here is one another write up that came up after giving the answer of a question, which is asked very often. Its in Hindi and I shall put together it in English as well. And here it is,

Aaj phir jab poochi gayi mujhse mere hasi ki wajah,

Aaj phir maine wohi jhooth dohraya, main khush hoon!


And its translation in English is,

Today when again I was asked the reason of my smiles,

Today again I repeated the same lie, I am happy!


Smiles, how unimportantly we treat them isn’t it? And how easily we assume that how come our smiles can go away or can be replaced by tears when we ourselves haven’t done this with anyone and/or given the same tears to anyone? Just how wrong we are in thinking like this! Its a wrong assumption to make and we are proved wrong because we forget that this current world of ours is a “practical” world and the people of this current world are “practical” people who won’t bother about such an unimportant matter that how someone would feel if they would hurt him if doing so is better for them and would be helpful in getting their wishes complete and dreams come true.Surely enough, these things are far more important and worth to worry about than bothering about someone being hurt and/or being in tears! “I need to be selfish sorry” that’s all what they say and its true too because if one won’t be, it would be tough to make the dreams of a good career, study at abroad a reality and they would remain unfulfilled. It must not be forgotten that in the practical world like ours, when it comes to decide using heart and brain, the decision is taken by the later because that’s what decides the pro’s and con’s and in a practical world, while taking practical decisions, that’s what is most important! Thinking from heart is only for idiots who bother about nothing and will refuse to see anything beyond their beloved ones only to realize that in this practical world, its something on which people just laugh about. All what matters is to ensure that all the wishes like a good career, study in abroad, a better life, must see the sunshine and if in doing so, one has to break someone completely and even fill heart their with pains, cries and eyes with tears, its completely worth it!

May be its just perfectly okay to do whatever it takes to get your dreams. May be, even this is completely justifiable to give never healing pain, eyes filled with just tears and life long cries to someone(anyone) if that person is coming in the way of getting those dreams come true. But what is not right is doing so without even bothering that what it would do to that other person? Its not right to not even pause and think for a moment that how deeply doing so would hurt him and in how many millions of pieces, not just the heart but the soul also would be shattered! How these pieces of one’s own inner self would pierce him and bleed him to death with every coming breath, its not something that one can just imagine and understand,  you must be that dead person to understand the agony of it! Its okay to give tears to someone but how those tears drop along the cheeks of someone, how tough and painful it is to sit on cold floor in your room’s corner, on the bench of a lonely park, just by yourself and cry hiding your face with your hands and trying hard that no one should hear your cries or see your tears, to understand it, one needs to be that unfortunate soul who has to face this punishment! Those who give tears to their beloved one and yet dare to say when see them crying that “I have nothing to do with your tears and you”, they won’t ever understand that what those tears and pain tastes like? How tough it is to face people the next morning with your eyes red and swollen after spending the entire night drowned in the pool of your own tears, is not something that is expressible through words. And when all of a sudden, someone throws a question to your face after seeing your red eyes that “what happened”, you just put a fake smile and say, “nothing, just some late night work/movie/party/whatever”  when in reality, its because of the tears gifted by none other than someone for whom and for every smile and happiness of that person, you tried with the bestest efforts of yours. With each breath and heartbeat of your, you wished from god to take away even your own happiness and smiles and put them in her lap. But still, all you get to hear that you just did everything for your own self! When one crosses oceans, travels thousands of miles to see someone and is told that you have just caused trouble, when you sit in a room all alone for days , not once but twice and you are told that you did all just because only you wanted to do it, how does that feels, its not possible to be understood unless you are the one who heard all this. And when on one day, when you decide to die once and for all,are on the verge of death and yet when one says, ”I didn’t ask you to do so, I have nothing to do with it” , forgetting that there must be something that must have hurt so much that one did decide to die finally than staying alive and yet being dead, to understand it, you must be the person who decides to go far away from this world. You choose to do so because you are not the right fit for this world by being so “impractical”, “illogical”, being one who just knows that not everything gets decided by mind but some things are just driven by heart.

I wrote this post Just Awesome some time back and  mentioned in it just a single line of poetry. I guess it says it all that it may take a lot to do get your dreams come true of study in abroad, a better life and a career but it takes, if not more, the same amount of courage and effort to put them behind for a smile, for someone’s happiness and love. It takes nothing to opt for a better career option but to tear apart an offer letter for a promise given, may be, it won’t take a lot but at least it takes a heart (or an idiot mind) which won’t agree to see anything beyond a smile and a shine in the eyes! But it seems, this all is something which has no importance or worth in a practical world like of today, a sad but a true fact which it is indeed!

I shall conclude by putting another poetic masterpiece here which is not from me but from the master himself, Ahmed Faraz. The below depict so nicely the pain of a person who got this gift from no one else but his beloved and/or nears and dears!

Shiddatt-e-ghum se sharminda nahin hai meri wafa Faraz,

Jab dost gehre hon to jakhm bhi gehre mila karte hain!


And it’s translation in English is,

My love is not regretting the intensity of pain,

When friends are so dear, the wounds given by them would also be so deep!


The only irony is, even when the eyes are filled with tears, soul with wounds and mind with anger, stupid heart still refuses to believe that this all is a gift of someone who promised not to hurt you ever but as the well known saying goes, A promise is a comfort for a fool.So true isn’t it!


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