Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tons Of Things And So Less Time, Life At Times Is So Hard….

Yes, that’s a truth. Its been tons of things that I have just done in these last two days of mine and still, the list of things is not finished. And to make things more spicy, I am going overseas for a very tough module for which I have done a lot of preparation but still, the heart is beating so much fast because I am aware both about the complexity of the module and the mandatory condition that I must perform well, if not in the best manner, in it. Whether I shall be able to do so or not, I am not sure.

Last week session of mine was a very pleasant experience. There were just four delegates, three guys and one gal but all of them were very friendly and eager to learn the technology of which I was taking the session. One delegate out of four was very witty and he did bring so many moments in the sessions which brought not just smiles but laughter on the faces of all of us. There was one particular thing that he was really interested or was mentioning about, about my wedding :-) . I guess since I did speak about Oracle and the related people to it a lot so much that it left an expression that this is the only thing that I do(which is not true at all) and I probably haven’t ever fallen in love with a gal other than falling in love with oracle db! I maintain a very strict distance with the delegates when I am in the session so I didn’t answer any such questions and dodged them with my signature style, with a smile :-) . But still, I had a very great time and the delegates gave me so much of respect and honor. One delegate brought a chocolate for me and on the last day and another went completely out of the way to drop me at an office from where I had to collect my passport for an upcoming travel. It was raining so much but still, she and her husband dropped me right on the spot. We all went outside to lunch thrice and it was a great fun. Overall, it was a very nice time that I spent with the delegates and I am happy that I could share with them whatever little I know about oracle db. Though I am not really happy with the rating that I  have received and I am not sure the reason of it but still, I am very thankful to the guys for their respect and friendliness and I hope that I was able to tell them a thing or two and make their time and money spent worthwhile. Thanks a bunch guys and I hope I shall meet you all soon.

I have spent the entire day today and the yesterday’s night in the preparation of the module that I am going to handle now. There is a huge pressure on me about me and you can imagine from this that I am very tensed about it since the moment I have to come to know about the complexities involved in it. I hope that all would go fine but I am not sure about it. Why? Well call me stupid but even before I have started for it, there are troubles coming up in it and that’s what is making me so tensed and nervous, not a good thing to see happening if you ask me!

I need to wake up really early tomorrow so I shall try to have a nap if possible now. Its going to be a long tour and its going to be a really tough week coming ahead. There are tons of things that I need to finish as I said already above and I really have no idea how I shall finish them all. Life is indeed so hard at times and with me, I guess most of the times!


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