Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Amazing Poetic Masterpieces….

Those who know me well, are aware about the fact that I absolutely love oracle database and poetry. I am always looking forward to read something new about oracle db and also to read a good poetry that would shake the inner soul of mine completely. If you haven’t done yet, search over this blog for many such poetries that I have put and also some which are written by me as well. Its just amazing that how in just few lines, a lot can be said, isn’t it?

Keeping the trend alive, below are some of those poetries that I absolute love and are among my favorites. These are in Hindi and I shall translate their meaning in English as well. So without further delay, here we go,

(1)Tumse ulfat ke takazay na nibhaye jaate,

Warna humko bhi ye chahat thi ki chahe jaate!

You just couldn't fulfill the promises of love,
Otherwise I also wished to be loved!

(2)Hum ne aaghosh-e-muhabbat se ye seekha hai sabaq,

Jis ko zinda na rehna ho wo muhabbat kar le!

I have learnt this lesson by the embrace of love,
He who doesn't want to live, should fall in love!

(3)Ye wafa ki sakht raahein,

Ye tumhare paaon naazuk!

Na lo inteqaam mujhse ,

Yun mere sath sath chal kar!

These tough and painful paths of love,
These delicate feet of yours!
Don't take revenge from me,
By walking along with me by my side!

(4)Teri bewafai ne chheen li sab shararatein meri,

Aur log samajhtein hai ki sudhar gaya hun main!

Your act of jilt took away all of my smiles and wittiness,
And world think that I have become sensible!

And last one which I think applies over me just perfectly,

(5)Suljha hua sa shaks samajhte hain mujhko log,

Uljha hua sa mujhme koi dusra bhi hai!

People think that I am a very sensible person.
There is someone in me which is just so lost!


If you haven’t got the meaning of these and think that what kind of crap it is, well, don’t bother then trying to understand it too. Some things, for being understood, need a heart, not a “practical”/”logical” mind. If you have understood and liked them, do let me know as well!


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