Thursday, June 23, 2011

HTC Incredible S….

This is actually one of the three posts which I have in my draft folder from some time. Since one) I am sitting a little free at the moment in my hotel because its the last day of the session tomorrow and second) I am not sure that I shall be able to write it tomorrow because there is some problem with my booking status at this hotel. It was supposed to be till a certain date but it is getting over tomorrow and now, I am not sure that I shall have an extension because the hotel is completely full. If you haven’t seen me angry and upset, well , then its not possible for you to imagine that how much I can get and how do I look when I am angry so will just say that I am TOO MUCH angry right now. Anyways, will see what will happen tomorrow. At the moment, the post is about the HTC Incredible S, an Android based phone from HTC which I bought few weeks back.

I have an iPod touch which I bought few weeks back. I blogged about it here as well too. Besides that, my sister also has an iPhone with which also I played a lot. So I was not very convinced to spend so much over a phone to be honest. I can spend on a laptop or anything which is worth its cost but on a phone 40k, no , I don’t think so. I had seen the Android phone for the first time when one of my friend VB brought it while visiting to Delhi. I loved the interface and also the integration of it with Google’s ecosystem. But that model, HTC Desire, though being a very good product, was not really a very polished product. So I was waiting for something more better to come out. Then came HTC Desire HD, a better product but the batter life of it was really bad, it sucked completely and horribly! By the time, the dual core phones rumors started to come and it seemed the world is going to go mad about it. Well, I am never a person who goes with the world so I didn’t bother about the rumors actually. Besides HTC, there were(still are) other companies as well which are making Android phones , for example, Samsung is one of the biggest players in the game for it. But I don’t think any other company has the reputation and skills that HTC has to make a phone simply because that’s the only thing HTC has done so far since its inception I believe. Anyways, I did a lot of research and after the result, I totally discarded Samsung. It was now to decide which model of HTC to buy and the trouble was, HTC hadn’t still launched a dual core phone.

Despite that I waited for a long time, it still didn’t happen that there came any news of HTC launching a dual core phone. After a long delay, they finally announced HTC Sensation but again the trouble was that there wasn’t any confirmed date for its launch in India. Its launched now at India just in case if you are planning to buy it from India. But I didn’t want to buy it actually because this is the first of the models from HTC in dual core and I would buy such product once it is made more mature by HTC. So after a LOT of research over Google, reading many reviews, discussions , in short, in the same manner in which I do everything, with a very deep thought, I finally decided to go with Incredible S and I am glad that I made the right decision. The phone is an awesome piece of technology and it has got very high rankings from all the websites around the world. There is no battery problems that I have seen in it. The screen size(4”) is perfect and it is also now upgraded to Android(2.3) aka Gingerbread. I don’t spend my money so easily and I am glad that I did spend over it.

There are many reviews of it available on Google(search htc  incredible s over Google). I liked the review of quite a lot so here is the link for it for you to read,

And here are the two official videos of it from HTC,



I shall conclude by saying this that if you are planning to buy an Android phone, do NOT buy a cheap one. Spend some money and buy a good one only and if possible, do some research before finally getting one. My vote would be going to HTC only but your choice may vary but nonetheless, at least in phones, Android is kicking Apple’s arse quite a lot so  it at least deserves a careful thought if you are planning to buy a smartphone which is truly smart! And what else an incredible Aman could get than the Incredible itself isn’t it LOL ?


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