Saturday, June 04, 2011

Another Week, Another Travel….

And what a week it has been! I haven’t slept for not more than 3 hours in all the days and was busy doing study. My eyes are all red at the moment and I need to wake up VERY early in the morning to start the travel for a very tough session. Hope it would go well. I am very disappointed from the last session’s rating of mine, especially from this fact that the most worst rating was given, not for the technical part but for me being not punctual! HUH? Me and not punctual and that too when in the last entire week, I actually reached office by 8am(1 and half hour before the session) and closed it at least for 3 days at 6pm (half an hour late from the official time). I had skipped lunch for two days in a row since I was so struck up in solving the issues. If that’s still is not enough to call me punctual, well, not really sure what really can be. Anyways, I think all has their own way of looking at things and may be, the viewing angle of mine and others are different for certain things. I just need to leave it as it is and where it is and start worrying about the next week’s session. Let’s see how it goes. I do remember that I have to post a video translation of a poem and also have to talk about a video posted over Youtube, my reaction and a sarcastic comment that I received and my reaction even for that as well. I shall be posting it all soon and now, its time to close the eyes and catch some sleep. Its going to be a long, hectic and hot travel tomorrow, all perfect reasons that I won’t be able to sleep on the way as well. Sigh!


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