Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Truth Depicted In Just Two Lines….

I have mentioned this so many times that pain is the most common and unbiased emotion that we all share. Tears don’t have different color for different people and wounds, especially given by your loved ones, give the same kind of pain and same deep and long cries for all. And to depict this pain, at times, many words are required and at times, in just few lines, a lot is said! Irrespective of the count of the words, what’s more important is that whether the underneath pain was depicted completely or at least, close to completeness or not? If yes, I think that’s about it! And what more can express the pain than tears except music and/or a good piece of poetry right!

I have posted many many times such small snippets of poetry which appear to be just 2-4 lines but they say a lot. Yes, I have been criticized many times that what the heck is the meaning of such lines anyways and I do agree, at times, the meanings are not so clearly described. But let me tell you, to understand the meaning you must belong to a special category of people. A category of people who have been unfortunate enough that they have been gifted pains, cries and wounds for the rest of their lives from none other than their loved ones who chose a better life, career, study in abroad. If you haven’t got the taste of pain, cries and tears of your own, you are most likely not going to understand the meaning of such poetries. Only when you have a heart which is pierced by a red hot knife, which is even rotated after being pushed inside. you can actually understand what does it mean by pain?Only if you have cried sitting all alone sitting on the benches of parks in the hot summers, in the nights and evenings, in the corners of your room with your face hidden by  your hands asking yourself just this that what did you do so wrong and why are you still alive to die each and every day bit by bit, question which would remain unanswerable for the rest of the life which is even more worse than being dead! So if you are from those who scratch their head and say, heck, what does that mean in the first place, consider yourself lucky because you are still happy and truly alive and not carrying a fake smile and appear to be alive!

Here are two poetries, both of two lines each which depict the emotion of pain so nicely that when I read them, I immediately thought to put them here and translate them to English as well. The first one is about the pain of a broken heart, which is broken into pieces by the beloved and the second one is just about pain(and is my favorite between two as well) . Here goes the first one,

Kahin koi jakham nahin , phir bhi dard ka ehsaas hai,

Lagta hai dil ka ek tukda aaj bhi unke paas hai!


And it’s translation in English is,

There is no wound but still there is this feeling of pain,

It appears that a piece of heart is still with her!


And here goes the second one which, as I said already, is my personal favorite!

Jitni shiddat se usne mujhe jakham diye hain Faraz,

Itni shiddat se to usse maine chaha bhi na tha!


And it’s meaning in English is,

With how much intensity she has given me wounds and pains,

I even didn’t love her with that much intensity!


I don’t know its a coincidence or what that when I read these two masterpieces,  at the same time, I was sent a video to watch tagged with a question(or taunt/comment(sarcastic)). And after watching that video, I was just lost in thoughts. I shall be posting the video(and may be the thoughts) in a separate post soon. Along with that video, I heard and saw another master piece from the king of soulful writing, Debi Makhsoospuri, something which was written like a slap is being pasted by the one over the whole world. Its the emotions of someone who is being hurt, given pains, tears, cries, used and thrown away by not just one but all and the only reason for this punishment is, well, that he is not practical, he is not selfish, he is not the one who thinks about himself before the others, yes a complete misfit for this world which calls you a fool if you are not bothered first about yourself than anyone else, even when in that list comes some people who are nears and dears, who are beloved ones! I shall be posting the video and its translation as well very soon. Stay tuned!


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