Saturday, June 11, 2011


Its Friday and I have finished my session of this week today. Its been a hectic, really hectic week and I guess, this hasn’t over yet. The next coming two weeks are also going to be same, or may be, even more harder than this one. But that’s next week. For this week, I am done with the session and I am hoping that it did turn out okay for the delegates. There were just three of them but they were very senior and experienced guys. It was a hectic session for them as well and I hope it was productive and useful for them as well. All three were really friendly and nice and I hope that in some other program, I shall get a chance to meet with them again.

I normally travel on Friday but this time, I shall be traveling on Saturday since the flight booking for me is done for the same. Now, this is going to be really bad for me since I shall be having just a night to spend at home and on Sunday, I need to start the travel back to Delhi for another program( which I have mentioned that will be a really tough one) . But my mom is not well and even if its going to be a night only, I shall be going home for sure. I can’t even start to explain that how much tough it is to be out when something like this is happening at your home but seems that I don’t have a choice at the moment.

Its very late in the night and I should be sleeping now but there are tons of thoughts in the mind moving around. Of what? About couple of things, that’s all I can say. But I won’t be mentioning those things. Being lost in such thoughts, there has been another feeble attempt of mine to write something and I actually did too. I shall be posting it in a day or two, as soon as I shall get some time free. I shall pack my luggage now to save some time in the morning. Hope there would be some sleep that I can catch too.


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