Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seatbelt, I Love You….

I have been traveling on air close to 5 years now and I can say with a complete confidence that I never felt scared, even not for a moment too all this while. I used to use the cotton buds for ears in the initial times but I have stopped that also now. It seems that my ears have become quite used to now for the air pressure which one gets while being in air :-) . And moreover, I must also confess, I never really did take seat belt too seriously. Before you assume that I never did really wear it too when I am in air, I must set the record straight that I do wear it and contrary to many, I do wear it the entire flying time of mine but I just buckle it up. I don’t really tighten it (which one should do for sure and I shall tell the “why” in a while) though! But it was until yesterday because from yesterday, I have made a pledge that doesn’t matter what, I am going to wear the seatbelt really tight to keep me hooked to my seat from the time of departure to that very moment until I don’t land safely.

I have been traveling from quite some time and I do it a little more than often.I mean doing it twice a week can’t really be called infrequent , isn’t it! And this means I have faced  bad weather and due to it, air turbulence as well. That’s quiet normal and since its a part and parcel of air travel, one really can’t make any complains about it too. So far, it did come and has gone too in no time. But yesterday, I did face the worst of it , to that extent which did bring the “scared” feeling in my heart!

Since the time my flight went into the air, there was bad weather. So within the initial 5 minutes only, my plane shook really wild , wild enough to make few gals scream even! There was very thick layer of clouds and the trembling of the plane was really very vigorous. Though it was scary but it didn’t last for long and all had a sigh of relief. After that, nothing unusual did happen and after the in-flight dinner, most of the people went to sleep as well. Just before we were about to enter Delhi, it started again. This time, not only it was much more vigorous than before, it didn’t stop after few minutes like the last time. It just went on and on and on! You can imagine how wild it was from this that I jumped off from my seat about 2 inches almost 10 times and it was certainly not me alone who got this “jumping” fun! Like me, all the other passengers were also facing the same thing. It was that time when I really realized that how important to tie up the seatbelt tightly around your waist and not just to keep it buckled up! I did that immediately once it did strike to me and after that, though the plane was still behaving like a real bad drunk brat, I was sitting firmly on my seat! There were two gals sitting beside me and whatever was left to make the moment more scary, their screams fixed it up! Their screams must have reached to the cockpit even since there was an announcement from the captain that things are in control and the passengers must keep their calm! Yes mr. captain that advice really does help, especially when you are being shaken like a cocktail ice cube or I should say, buckled up ice cube ;-) ! Anyways, after some 30 minutes or so, we finally did land (in one piece) and there was clapping in the flight as well! I must confess that though I didn’t scream and did have a belief that I won’t die today, I was terrified too! Had it didn’t occur to me that I must tighten up my seat belt, I would had at least broken some thing too while trying to keep myself on the seat! But I did land and so were the other passengers and I really did love it when my feet touched the firm and steady earth!

I never did think that I shall say it but I have fallen in love with the seatbelt so much now and I shall keep it really close to me when I shall be in air :-) . Time now to get ready since its going to be an evening out of mine, Sidhu and Ankit! Hope we won’t face any turbulence today :-) .


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