Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fearless Jet Li….

I am a BIG fan of martial-arts and am a martial artist myself too though that’s another story that many don’t believe looking at me now that I can even raise my leg to my hip level( not at all true, I can do all the kicks still and I am going to start my practice again very soon) . But whatever anyone says, its not just a game for me, its an art and I really really like and respect it so much! So whenever I get a chance to see anything related to martial-arts, I try not to skip it, be it whatever may be! In the same league, I try never to miss those movie flicks too which are having real martial arts action in them though most of the movies now have more wire-art in them than martial-art! In the same manner, there are very few martial-artist left too who are truly able to do some real hardcore kick-arse action without using wires or computer tricks! Jet Li is among those rare few! Though he also now has shifted to wire-art than martial-art but still, there can never be any doubts over his skills. He does most of the computer-action now but fortunately( or even unfortunately too since this movie is going to be the last one in this category) , he has managed to give one more movie which shows his great martial arts talent, Fearless!

Jet Li has been known all the while for his classic Wushu moves. If one sees his older movies, he has shown this in almost all of his past movies! As I said that most of the artists now are not doing real martial arts anymore, so in this era, a true martial-arts movie is something very rare to be seen! Fearless is one such movie which has “almost” true martial-arts action. Jet Li has shown immense action in this movie. The best part I liked about the movie is its ending which reveals the complete and true meaning of martial-arts which says that its not winning that is important but the respect for the art and for the opponent which is of utmost importance! Jet Li has not just shown his martial-arts skills but also a good acting talent as well in this movie!

To sum up, I have just one word for this movie, AWESOME! A must watch if you like martial-arts or even don’t like it too :-) !


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