Friday, May 28, 2010

May Be Later….

Those who know me really well, are well aware about a fact that if there is point that I have to buy some thing for some one else, someone who comes in the category of either family or near-n-dear , I shall get that thing,whatever it may be right away! But if the spotlight shifts towards me and I need to get something for my own self, it takes me ages to make up my mind to finally get my act together and get it. Its not the case that I don’t get excited to get things for me or new things don’t bring that shine and smile on my face but there are tons of thoughts which take over my mind when I look at something to buy for me. Its been very few times that I had spent money on myself and leaving a few exceptions, most of the times, it was a more of a forced act than a willing one!

Today, once again, I found myself in the same quest about something which I really “need” and not just “want”! Even though I know that its very much required for me, I have deferred it for some more time and I have no idea about the time frame at the moment. For this, mom pushed me whole day that I must go and get it, gave me so many reasoning and assurances that it would be okay if I shall get it but still, I decided to not to go for it at the moment. May be after some time, I would be able to get it, I am not sure about it yet but feeling a bit upset about the whole thing. Not because that I couldn’t get it today but because of those reasonings which stop me all the time at any such moments! Sigh! May be I should just check its online view at the moment, hope that would help a little, don’t know!


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