Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back Home & Leaving Too….

I feel that I am spending my maximum time on airports and with airhostesses , the latter is really not true though but the former surely is! And I must confess, its a real hectic life to live and I am living it since 2006 so its been a long time as well!
I got back home yesterday morning. I had a week long program which got cancelled ( or wasn’t scheduled at all, I don’t know). But I didn’t know it so I was at S’s place for 2 days. There were two reasons for doing so, one I don’t get to meet A and S often so whatever chance I get, I don’t want to miss that! Second, I had assumption in my mind that I need to travel again on Sunday so the best would be to stay back at Delhi rather than coming back home for one day and then leave again! So I stayed back but I came to know on Saturday evening that I am not supposed to fly on Sunday. So on Sunday night, I started for home and got here yesterday morning. Its so hot and even in the night, it was a really hot weather , making the travel a real tough thing to do. But I had to get back home for sure since I was missing my family so much and there were some tasks which only I had to take up and finish. My mom, dad and sister, all were waiting for me to come and do those tasks so it was very important for me to come back! I wish I had known this that I am not traveling so that I could come back on Saturday itself. Anyways, I came back yesterday and did finish one of the tasks and I am so happy! Me, sis and one of her very close friends R, went for a very important shopping and I must tell you, its so damn tough to pick up something with gals. They have no idea what they want but they still won’t like anything they see and will look for something “more better” . We went to 4 different shops , the biggest ones over here and still, they didn’t like anything. And yes, no one was ready to listen what I had to say as well :-) . Anyways, at last, fortunately, there was one piece which I liked and when I showed it to R , she liked it too. Sis was talking on phone so when she came back, it was already 2:1 so she did get agreed too :-) ! Yippee!!! But jokes apart, what we bought is really good and I am sure, for whom sis has bought it, that person would like it too so much!
That was the good part of the post!
I am supposed to leave tomorrow for a program. I have no mood to take it up looking at the things that I need to do here back at home. But I guess, I don’t have any choice so I must prepare myself for the travel than cribbing about it. But that’s for tomorrow, I still have today with me and I shall try to finish as much as possible work in this time! Now its time to have some tea and breakfast!


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