Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy….

I got back home yesterday but even when I am back, there are tons of things which are pending and are on my responsibility to get finished. Yesterday, though I was back but was so tired so didn’t do much. But today, I was packed like anything. I have finished today’s tasks and am back now at home.
The day started late but since the starting itself, I was occupied. The very first thing which I wanted to get over with, was a book review which I had to do and was pending from a long time. I had got an opportunity to do a book review . If you are interested to know how to manager the 10gR5 Grid Console, you may want to get this book. I was fortunate to get another opportunity by Packt to do one more book review for one of their upcoming titles. Though this process did initiate quite some time back but due to various reasons, I had not got a chance to get the review done. I had almost finished the reading of the book, just two chapters were left which I managed to finish somehow and finally, did manage to post the review today over my Oracle blog. If you are a DBA and looking for an overall book to help you, you may want to get this book.
Once done with the writing, it was time for me to get ready and leave for the city since rest all of the tasks were supposed to be done there only and the very first was related to me :-) . I needed a hair cut so the first stoppage was my saloon where I go all the time. Besides the fact that I really admire the technical persons there, most of them are my friends too. So its always good to visit and meet all of them. We always have so much of fun while sipping hot tea/coffee. Today was no different as well. I met over there all of the people. There were couple of new faces there too. I did get introduced to them but I didn’t have time today to sit back and do any chit-chat. Day was getting more and more hotter(thanks to no-rain policy of God for my place) and I had to do lots of stuff still. So after getting my hair done and finishing my tea, I was on road again!
The next stop was to check a place. It was already selected by my dad and sis so there was nothing much for me to do there. But still, I did want to have a look at the place myself as well. I didn’t get to spend much time there though. After a quick chat with the person over there, I left to do some exciting stuff, shopping! :-) .
I don’t do much of the shopping for myself. Its very rare that you would see me going for a shopping for myself. Today also, it was not for me in the first place. Sis asked me to get an cover for her Iphone(yes she has one , not me). I thought about it and decided that I shall go that shop which would have this plus also laptops. So I went to my friend’s shop whom I remembered having both. Well, since its been quite some time that I had visited him, I didn’t know that he has stopped keeping laptops due to lesser and lesser sales of them. He was having very sleek range of laptops and obviously, not many are interested in that kind of high priced notebooks. So looking at the business, it was a right decision for him to stop having notebooks on his showroom. Though I do understand and respect his decision, I was still a little disappointed to know that now I have to look at other shops for the laptops and have to deal with many stupid sales people who only know about the model and its price and have no idea about the technical details of the laptops and also no clue about the competing models and brands. Anyways, there was nothing I could say or blame him for so it was time to check the next thing, the Iphone cover! He still did have Ipods and Iphones in his shop and also their accessories. So at least for this, I was not disappointed. I asked for a good cover and he asked me who is going to carry the phone, me or sis. Well, he kind of knew the answer so he said by himself, I doubt it would be you :-) ! So he did show me covers which are specifically targeted for gals. Though the covers were good but I was totally clueless about the color of it. There were quite a few colors there and I was picking the one which I liked the most but then again, my friend reminded me that who is going to carry the phone actually and I had to leave it! So he picked a color telling me that all gals like it so much, any guesses? Well, don’t think too much, it was a Pink! :-) . Hmm well, should had come to me instantly but I didn’t think about it at all. I asked him to pack it and also asked about the price. Well, there came a BIG shock! He told me the price, after discount only for me, was a whooping 900/INR! OH MY GOD! Did I tell that the damn cover was not officially from Apple yet? First the Apple people were the only one who were robbing people by their super priced Iphon(y) and now, even the accessory making companies have joined the club! I asked and even tried to understand where the dam 900 bucks were spent by the company but as like any product from or related to Apple, I got nowhere! I paid the amount and got out from the showroom cursing Steve Jobs and that unknown owner of the cover making company!
The next stop for shopping was at Kapsons.I wanted to get some t-shirts or half sleeved shirts for me since I have only full sleeved shirts, thanks to my job where I can’t wear anything else except them! But I have been suggested( and commented) that I should get some boyish type clothes too than wearing all the time uncle-ish types :-) . So I finally thought that I shall get some half sleeved shirts for me for two reasons. One, I would be able to wear them with any sort of trousers, be it jeans or Khakis and second, its summer in full swing here so it makes a perfect sense to buy them now than in winters! So I stepped into the mall and started looking at various brands. I was wearing an old(full sleeved) casual shirt of mine which is from Indian Terrain. Its a pure white shirt with some print on its back but it looks really good(not sure over me though). I bought it long time back from Hyderabad since there was no showroom of Indian Terrain in my city yet. But finally, today I was happy to see its outlet in the Kapsons and immediately rushed towards it. Indian Terrain has brought some really cool summer collection and I was able to find two half sleeved shirts for me :-) . The second thing to get was a formal shirt for me. This time Zodiac helped me to get a good , formal shirt! I was asked to get a trouser or jeans as well by my mom but I didn’t get it :) . I was done for my shopping and now was damn hungry! Now it was time to look for the immediate next eating joint. Since Cafe Coffee Day or Barista were far, I decided to step into a local restaurant. Its a local but really good, vegetarian eating joint! I ordered for me their special, cheese grilled sandwich with a coke and it was enough to me make my tummy full! :-) . It was after many many years I stepped into this place again and I was happy to see that they have managed to maintain the respect of their brand  and taste still!
After a small but satisfying lunch, it was time to drive back to home! There are still some tasks pending but now, there is no time for them and they are deferred for tomorrow now. It was a long day but still, it was a good time spent! Its time now to have some tea and listen to some music to make my mind and body relaxed :-) .


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