Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Going To Be A Real Busy Day….

If you are a regular here, you must be aware( and may be tired ) that I keep on saying that I have got tons of work to do. Well, that’s completely correct and in that series, its going to be the busiest day. I woke up at 6am and got ready for the rest of the day, yet to have my morning tea and breakfast(which is a must since I was fasting yesterday).
In fact, even yesterday went completely occupied. In the morning, I visited my friend A. Since the time I have come back, I had not visited him, though it was not an act of will but I just couldn’t do because of tons of other things that were(are) going on. So I had to go and see him at any cost and since I knew, today again I won’t have time so no other day was left except yesterday. We sat for about 3 hours, talked about tons of stuff, discussed so many things. He is supposed to be go with me today but since he is not keeping well and also got terribly sick yesterday, we need to see what we shall do today. Anyways, when we were sitting, he asked me couple of questions about today and I didn’t have the answer. So we decided that we shall go to those people whom we have given the tasks and shall demand all the answers. I know, this all is not making sense at all, I mean, questions, answers and all that right? Well, I can’t mention anything yet so bear with me for a while. I shall reveal everything at the right time. So back to the same point, we thought we shall go to the people responsible and recheck everything with them. Sis had to come back, so we decided that we shall pick her too on our way back. A doesn’t travel now because of his health and we have to look for tons of things before we actually get on the road. Fortunately, all seems good yesterday so finally we left home and drove to the place. Fortunately, we met the manager itself of the place and he really did assure us that all would be fine and he also mentioned that he would personally come and check everything. We did explain to him quite extensively about what need and also the most important question, “why” and he did assure that all would go fine! It was a big tension which finally got relieved from our heads and now we were free!
Since both A and sis were not fasting, they asked me to take them to Subway. Well, though I was fasting still the bill was supposed to come from my wallet only and you can’t believe how truly they enjoyed telling and praising me the stuff! Well, I managed to taste their ice tea and coffee only (which was good too) and then we left the place. I have been asked to bring them again there but now this would happen when I can join them too and won’t be a mere spectator only :) .
On our way back, A told that he wanted to buy a cap. So he took us to a Reebook showroom where he already had visited and bought a pair of shoes. The guys over there did remember he so well so we got a VIP treatment. After rejecting many caps, he finally selected one! He and sis were kept on insisting me to buy something for me too to which I was not paying any attention at all. Finally, they selected a pair of sun glasses for me and “ordered” me to get it! Its too difficult to oppose such orders especially when you are outnumbered so I had to get it. I must say, its a REALLY expensive piece of glasses but its still worth of its price! I shall post its pic and if would feel okay, a pic of me wearing it too some time later! Overall, it was a good time spent!
A dropped us at home with saying that he would come back in a minute. But when it was almost two hours since he left, I got really worried because I know, his health keeps on troubling him. I had a fear in my heart that he may not be well and unfortunately, it turned into reality as well. A got really bad fever, 104D and he was unconscious. When I called him, I was asked to rush immediately to his home. I picked up my scooter and rushed to him with some medicines with me. He was really not well! After a long time, he finally got some relief and came back into his senses. I left him saying that he must make himself fine for today but I know, its not in his hands. I just hope that he becomes completely fine and would be able to go with me today!
Its time to have a quick breakfast now and then start gearing up for the day. Hope all goes fine! If you think am tensed, you are completely right!


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