Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Day & Travel Time….

What a day it is(because its still not over yet)! I have been working since morning on my chapter and its still not done. I have got a lot delayed in the final submission of it since there are tons of other things happening around me in both, professional and personal side. If you are a regular here, you must have seen a post where I mentioned that  its going to be a real busy day and it really was! The good thing which did happen that all went well on that day. VERY few people know that on that day, how much did I work and how hard it was for me to manage everything since I was the only one who was there. Later on, my brother-alike-friend Aman(deep) joined me and I can’t tell how relieved I felt on his arrival. He was supposed to come with me right in the morning only but unfortunately, he felt really sick in the night and it wasn’t just a normal sickness but he got a fever of 104degrees and he was left unconscious. When I got a call from his sister, I immediately rushed towards his home and was there as long he didn’t get a bit better! Even when I left him much better from the state when I stepped into his home, in the morning, he got a real real bad headache, that much bad that he had to ask his sister to actually punch his head than just pressing it! That was the reason that he couldn’t come with me in the morning. I am sure he was not well even at that time when he came in the afternoon but I know he came because it was related to my sister. He himself said to me, had it been anything related to you, I would had not at all come but since it was for Gunjan, I had to come by any means! I know it so well and I would had done the same if I was at his place. I never can forget that moment when his elder sister was going to get married and I got a little late to get to his home. When I stepped in, she just rushed towards me, hugged me and started crying! I was like that someone must bury me in this earth that why the heck I got late that my sister had to cry! I hugged her so tight too and said, didi(elder sister in Punjabi/Hindi)  don’t cry now, I am here! It feels like all of this happened yesterday only! And if I did feel this at that moment, I must say, Aman is many many steps ahead of me. I can say about me that I sometimes do certain things which are so irritating but he never ever does! I know he would never let me speak this or take me seriously if I would say this in front of him but he means so much to me, more than myself even! We fight, we argue, we get angry but we both know, we are there for each other at all the times, in all the conditions! He has no brother neither do I but I am sure, Aman also would echo, we don’t need too!

Since I am leaving tomorrow, there was tons of work that I had to do today. I had to get my ticket printout, a simple looking task which took so much time since the first place where I went for it was closed. Yeah yeah I know I must have a printer in my home and let me tell you, I did buy one long time back, my first purchase and up till now, the last purchase of a printer! I hadn’t used it much and after some time, it didn’t remain usable as well :-) . Okay that sounds really bad but the truth is I didn’t take it to service at any point since I was not using it much at that time so its condition became bad to worse eventually and now its of almost no use. I know I need a new printer and I am going to get one when I am going to set up my home office, yes you heard it right, my own home-office. I won’t be able to speak much about it at this moment but something surely is cooking and I shall let everyone taste it once its ready! Anyways, so I was telling that I couldn’t get the printing done at the first place so I had to rush to the second place. Its somewhat far so it took considerable time for me to get to there and get the print job done. Aman was at my home at that time when I was out to do some downloading and installations. He called me to get some software for him and also a blank dvd. Now again, this looks so simple but the dvd burning took forever! After wasting 3 dvds, finally the darn thing was done and I was able to get back home. Once I was back home, Aman told me that he has called up a sales rep of water purifier company and he is coming to show us the models and if all goes well, may be he will do the installation of it also today! Yes, we didn’t have it yet at our home but it was a must looking at the level of pollution water is having now. And since my mom is already a heart and blood pressure patient,  purified water would help her health too. Looking at all these things, I said yes( I had no other choice too because Aman would had killed me otherwise :-) ) .

The water purifier guy came within an hour since Aman called him. He did show us couple of models , told us the secrets behind the more popular brands and what they do and assured us that there won’t be any issues and if there would be any, he would come right away to fix it up! Once we were agreed upon the price( after lots of bargaining) , we asked him to get it installed today only. He was insisting that he would do it tomorrow but since I am leaving tomorrow and wanted to get it done in front of me, we asked him to get it done today only. He came back after about two hours and got the apparatus installed and put it into working. My mom definitely didn’t like the taste of the water and its quite natural since she doesn’t have a habit of drinking mineral water often but its definitely going to help in her health so even if I have to force her to drink it, I will! It was my long term dream to get it done and I am so happy that I was able to complete it today for my family. I know it may sound so silly to many of you but that’s a truth and this also, a deep feeling of satisfaction is there today in the heart. :-)

Okay, coming now to some serious things now and on top of all is, I am starting my travel tomorrow. Yep, my (very) short vacation is over and I shall be seen on the road, on the airport, in the cabs again from tomorrow. I can’t really say much about it now given the things that I am seeing that I have to do and to make them all done, I need to work as hard as possible. Even when I know how important it is for me, leaving your home and traveling is never a good thing to feel if you ask me! Sigh! And to make things really spicy, I am going to handle a very tough program for a very elite group of professionals. I can’t mention the name of the company( its a really BIG one and you use it everyday, keep guessing now) but I know, the group of people are really smart guys and since I am allocated for this program on a special recommendation, the expectation level must have gone really high! Well, nothing which is in favor of me right? Let’s see what will happen, all I can do is to do my best and be hopeful that I would be able to share and discuss some useful things with the delegates. Hope all goes well! Pray for me guys, I really really do need your prayers and wishes so much!

Also, though not too many know, I am working on a writing assignment and its really important. Due to numerous distractions, I am going behind the schedule for my current work related to it. I can’t tell you the level of the pressure that’s there on my head at the moment and I need to really pull up my socks and get it done at the earliest possible! I hope I shall be able to do so and not to make my co-author upset. Arrghh too many things, too less time and just one me to do it all! Some times, life is really hard, isn’t it! 


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