Sunday, February 07, 2010

Yep, Its For The Same Too….

I am sure if you come here often, you must have started thinking or rather I should say, assuming that every post of mine is going to be either about me leaving or coming back to my place isn’t it? Well, just to keep the tradition alive , this one is also for the same thing :-) . But before I say the usual, just for the record , I have been given a very very tight calendar which means I shall be on the road most of the times for quite some time. So bear with me if you feel that travel is the only thing that I am writing about! I have heard couple of songs which I would be sharing soon with their translation as well and shall talk about some thoughts which I do have in my mind wandering around! But for the moment, I am leaving tomorrow for a long and very tough tour. Since I am not well and that’s still not an old story as I fell sick just yesterday only, its going to be rather much harder! Hope all goes well. Pray for me guys and wish me luck. Its time now to have some rest since the travel starts in less than 7 hours :-) !


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