Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hope I Get Some Rest For Today….

I couldn’t think of anything better that this to put as a title since its the only thing which is on my mind at the moment. I have finished this week’s program (and the last program for this tour) yesterday. It went well( I guess) as well. Delegates were great and had 2 guys who already did attend my previous sessions. It was a fun filled session with lots of learning, not just for delegates but for me as well since I did learn 2 things which were completely new for me! I hope all the delegates did enjoy the session and it was worth of their time spent there. Thanks a ton guys! One delegate did take some pictures which he shared with me as well. I have uploaded them over my Picasa and shall give the link in a while.

Though this module is finished but I must say, I am really tired! I can’t recall anytime before when I was so sleepy in my class. But at this time, for about 3 days consecutively , I was just about to crash right there on my instructor machine! Had it not been ( too much of) tea, it would had happened for sure! Am not sure what’s the reason for this? One thing which comes to my mind is that I am not keeping well which is making me feel extremely tired. Since the day, I have come here, I am sick to death and things have not improved much now too! Though I am having medicines but I guess, it would all be better once I shall get back home, even for a day too , it would be enough! But for that, I still need to wait for some more time! There is a program starting from this coming Monday at Banglore and I shall be starting for it tomorrow. In addition to this that its a long program, its going to be a real tough one as well! Let’ see what happens?

I have tons of work piled up which does include writing for my book as well. But thanks to tons of distractions, its just getting delayed and I hate it! I don’t like to see my time getting wasted and when it happens, for whatever reasons and I have work to do, there is nothing more which can make me upset as much as it would do! Hope I shall be able to take over all of these distractions, I really need to do because things once messed up, would be difficult to control afterwards.

Its weekend and I hope this won’t get wasted like the last one. I need to get back to work so I am leaving you with this small sneak peek of my classroom. Someone did suggest me to take pictures of each of my tour and I do agree, its a brilliant idea but the only issue is, I am really bad in catching something in a picture! Still, I shall give it a try from next time. Well, this time its not me so I guess you can have a sigh of relief. Thanks to Bhagirathi for for these pics, enjoy :-) !


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