Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank God I Can Say TGIF….

I have just finished my 2nd program for this week and my last program of this tour. I hope it went well since I could see the delegates leaving with a smile on their face and I can confirm you that if you are doing a presentation/session/taking a class/any sort of public speaking, if you are able to see your audience leaving with smiles, very well chances are there that things have gone well! It was among the longest tours of mine and it would had got extended further more for 2 days but thank god that’s not happening anymore! I just got finished and got back to the hotel room of mine. When ever I finish a session, I feel terribly tired and today also is no exception. I won’t get much of the time to take rest since the next program is also going to start soon, “very soon” ,but still whatever time I shall have, I shall try to take complete rest in it. I have just booked my cab for tomorrow. Normally, I get a flight on the same day when I finish my program but this time, its for the next day and that too a very early flight. Hope the flight would be a little good and I shall get some breakfast in it :-).

Since past three weeks I am running like anything. Even now, this hasn’t got finished but still I guess, I can say (even its for a small time), TGIF! :-)


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