Friday, February 05, 2010

Adventure Wrapped In A Single Day’s Travel….

As I mentioned in the immediate last post, this tour of mine was the most shortest one. I just went for one day, that’s it! I thought it would be a simple tour since I was supposed to do an overview of a technology. Though the module itself is very hard but since it was for only one day, I thought probably I shall be able to sail through. I did decide to prepare for it very well  ( I did do that) as well! Normally, I don’t do traveling atleast up till the 4th day of my tour but this time, it was going to be happening the immediate next day. Anyways, I thought things would not go much bad and despite all the issues, I would be okay. But it just can’t happen when it comes to me and smoothness in anything. Things are bound to go shaky, wrong, upsetting and the same happened this time as well!
I normally take a bus to Delhi from where I catch the flight to my next destination. Its just a pity that the closest airport that I have for me is there only. There is another one in Chandigarth but that’s good to nothing actually since there is only one direct flight from there and that is to Bombay( there I said Mr. Thakrey, come and shoot me) where I normally don’t go. So the destinations where I fly most of of the times are all available from Delhi only. Shouldn’t come as a surprise since its the capital of India as well. Since there was a great difficulty assumed in the program, I decided to get to Banglore a little early so that I can have some rest and start preparation. So I requested for an afternoon flight and a train in the morning to Delhi. I believe that one should not break rules and if you do, one must be ready to face consequences as well. I travel via bus most of the time and don’t believe on trains much. But I had no choice but to take a train only since I had an early flight this time. Well, to be honest, I did have a choice to pick up bus as well and my mom did suggest me the same too but I just thought it would be better if I would take a train in the chilled out weather which is going on now. Another big mistake, listen to your mom always! Anyways, my dad and me went to the train station and train was on time. It was expected as well since there is almost no fog now a days for both mornings and evenings. Since the train was on time, I rightfully thought that I would be able to get to Delhi at the scheduled time only and would catch the flight on time as well. There was less to slim chances that I could afford to get delayed in this entire process since there was only a buffer of one hour and 45 minutes between the time I was supposed to get to Delhi and to catch the flight. Things did kick off smoothly since the train started on time but I am not sure what did happen on the way to it( neither did anyone else had any clues) and it started getting halted for few minutes. Those few minutes accumulated a little too much and finally it was 12.20pm when I got at Delhi platform. It was 80minutes later than the scheduled time of the train and guess what, my flight was supposed to leave at 13.20pm! Great! The train was supposed to come over the platform 1 but it arrived at platform 3 which means I would waste around 5 minutes to get out finally from the station. Can you imagine the scene that I was practically running over the platforms to get out :-) ! Finally, I did make it out of the platform and took a cab( overpayed since there was no time for bargaining) and asked the driver to drive it as fast as possibly he could! One of my friends sent the text to me that I am going to miss the flight and I was pretty sure myself as well that this time, for the first time, I was going to miss the flight. I had a backup plan ready with me that if I would miss this flight, I would take another one but the only issue was that the next one was at 17.30pm which means 4 hours late than the actual one! So I had no interest in taking that flight. My driver did drive the cab like  a formula 1 race car( managed to skip few very close accidents as well) and made me reach at the airport at 1300hours. It was just 20 minutes to the flight and I just rushed inside the airport. The very first thing that I asked the lady over the counter was “Banglore flight” and she said,” you just made it sir”! OH MY GOSH! Fortunately for me, the boarding didn’t get start yet which was actually supposed to get started by 12.40pm only so the counter was still open! And as soon as I finished the security checks, boarding was announced! I couldn’t have anything since I was supposed to board the flight but that didn’t matter since I managed to catch a nearly impossible flight :-) . Was I happy? You can bet :-) ! Oh yes, I did send the text to my friend as well that I got the flight :-D !
It was a very tiring and long flight ( it always is to the Banglore thanks to the distance) so I was obviously very tired but there was no time to rest or take a nap since I had to start studying. I was also supposed to prepare an exam for the delegates and that was an additional headache for me! Anyways one has to go what one has to do so there was no place for excuses. I had a cup of tea and started the work which went up till about 2am in the morning! I was dead tired and when I woke up in the morning, I had no intention to go to the office but there was no option like it so had to go! The program started off well ( I guess) and we did quite a lot of discussions about the module. It was fun, it always is when there is discussion involved! Since it was an overview so there was no chance that we could stretch any discussions or hands-on for a longer time period. At about 4pm, we closed the day! Since it was a virtual class I couldn’t see the reactions of the delegates but I just hope that they did like the small overview that we did! It was time now to start the travel back for home and I was just praying that things would go well at least for this time!
The journey to the airport was a smooth one. Over the airport also, there wasn’t any chaos or something so I could finish all the formalities well on time with complete ease! I decided to have an Iced Latte with Chocolate flavor once I got free only to see that it tasted like YUCK!!!! I just somehow finished it and started waiting for my flight which fortunately was on time. So I managed to get to the Delhi almost on time only! I take a prepaid cab to the bus stand and did the same this time as well. There was a bus ready to leave for my place and I just grabbed a seat for me! There was no fog so the driver drove the bus like a plane only :-) and managed to get us almost on time only! There was no fog but the winds were ice chilled and that gives some explanation of the condition in which I am at the moment. Keep on reading what do I mean by saying so?
I got at home in the morning and was feeling a little cold. I got a call from my very close brother-alike-friend Amandeep that he is not well. So I just took my scotter out and drove straight to his home. I forgot to wear inner woolen of mine and by the time it was 6pm, I started shivering so much! I just got back home and since then, shivering hasn’t got any better at all. I am writing this sitting over my bed and going to skip dinner since I am sure, I shall vomit if I shall have it! Will have medicines for fever, cold and hope by tomorrow morning I should be a little better. But at the moment, there is only one sound coming from me, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :-) !


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