Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Probably The Shortest But Still….

When ever I have travelled so far, its atleast for 3 days. That’s the shortest amount of time I can recall spending on an official tour so far. But I guess, this time, I am going for the shortest program that I would ever do. I have a program of just one day but for that, I would be requiring to travel for one day as well which would make in total 2 days but still, it would remain the shortest duration in my travelogue. And since, its just one day of it, my luggage( can I still call it one) seemed to be the lightest one in all of these years, I mean how much just one pair of trousers and shirt can weight right :-) ?

But the smallest duration doesn’t make the program any lighter. The program remains the toughest among of all that I have handled so far and to add more to my pains, the practice setup and book that I was supposed to get for it, both are still nowhere to be found which means, I have nothing in my hands/computers/anywhere which I can use to prepare for it and its a completely new program for me as well! So how would one delivers a program which he hasn’t studied yet? Well, I frankly don’t know and I am just as worried as anyone would be who would be asked to fight in a war with a locked gun and told that how to unlock it would be told to you in a practice session which never did happen! I hope I won’t be a sitting duck :-( . Pray for me guys and wish me luck!

Oh yes, this one is not the last program, I am travelling after it “very soon” . Stay tuned to know when/where/why :-) !


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