Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wishing You All A Very Happy Holi From Home….

Yep, Its Holi today and I wish you all, whether you would play it or not, a very happy and colorful Holi! Have lots of fun, play with lots of color ( but be safe as well) and have a good time with your family and friends! Wish you all a very happy holi! And what’s more better can be that I am at my home on this day! Yes, I got back home yesterday evening after a long but rather comfortable travel. Why comfortable you may ask so the answer is that the travel of flight is never tiring for me. I can do it on daily basis too if  I have to. Its the travel that I do over bus from New Delhi to my hometown, that’s most tiring travel! But fortunately , this time when I got at the bus stand, I saw that there is an air-conditioned bus from Punjab Bus service standing there. I normally don’t take it because its charges are more than double from the normal bus but this time I though to give it a try and I am just glad that I took that decision. It proved to be worth of its price in both comfort and time taken by it for the entire journey. The bus took actually a little less time than the normal bus to reach. Other than that, the place where bus did stop to let the passengers have snacks and get refreshed was also very nice. Over all, it was a very good travel!
Its Sunday today and also its Holi. I do like to play Holi a lot but there is no one here at the moment with me with whom I can play it. So I shall bring some color to play it with my family in a “simple” manner :-). Also, would go and have a hair cut :-) . If you are not going to play Holi than have a happy weekend and hope you get it spend in the best manner :-) .


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