Friday, February 12, 2010

Done With One, One More To Go….

I have just got back after finishing up this week’s program. I couldn’t write ( though I wanted so much) in this week how sick I am and even though it was a very easy program, it appeared to me a real tough task to finish it off due to my very bad health. But its over today and I guess it went quite well as well so as it is said, all is well that ends well so I shouldn’t be whining too much! But its my blog and I am free to put here all what I want so here it goes!!

If you are a regular here , you would be knowing that I got just two days break last week before I had to come here. Just before I had to leave for this tour, I fell sick. And not just sick but terribly sick! Fever, cough, cold just love me I guess and they took all over of me and are holding their feet very strongly now too! I am not able to speak and feel dead tired when I stand for few minutes too! But I can’t say no for the work since only for this I came here so I had to go for it no matter what! Since I couldn’t stand at all, this time, I did the entire delivery sitting at my chair using the remote access of the participant’s machines. I normally do it only when the projector won’t work and this time too, on the first day, projector stopped working. Even though I asked the facilities people to replace it and which they did very quickly as well, I still didn’t use it in the entire week. I was getting puzzled looks from all the people in the cafeterias that why on earth this guy is wearing a pullover in this weather( its about 25 degrees here) but they didn’t know that I am not wearing it to look “different” but to save myself from further damage which air-conditioner would had surely done if I hadn’t wore it! So even though I was looking like a complete alien among all who were roaming around in the office campus, I didn’t stop wearing it for the entire week!

The delegates were very good and few of them did do some good discussions. One of them did create a small recovery scenario as well which I was able to finish off successfully. As like always, all were very friendly and nice as well! Though I was ( I am) not well, I tried to make sure that none of them could see in which condition I am and I just hope I was able to do so successfully! Thanks a ton guys! Few of them would be coming for the next week’s program as well and I really really hope that I get a little better up till that time!

Its a 2 day weekend in front of me and my friend from here, Pavan has told me that he would make some plans for this Saturday! Let’s see what would happen. We did make some weekend plans in the past as well but they all died being a plan only! But I am feeling this time, it won’t happen. I just got back and I am feeling really cold so I shall go and have a cup of tea. At least for 2 days, I won’t need to wake up early without even having any mood or strength and also I hope I shall be able to get some sleep and rest which I desperately need! Happy weekend to all of you as well! Let’s say it loud and clear, TGIF!!


As I mentioned, its mostly always that the plans of me going out usually end up in bin only. The same happened this time as well. Well, the cause was genuine due to which Pavan couldn’t make it but the tradition is still alive :-) . I shall see if I can go to a temple which I saw yesterday evening( yes I said a temple, need to say Hi to god) if all remains fine!


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