Monday, February 01, 2010

At Home, (Very Short) Break Time….

I got back home today morning. Well, its just for two days only and out of that one is already over. From the last few months, its been a real hectic schedule that is there for me and I believe, its going to be the same for next few more weeks as well. Besides the hectic travel schedules, the modules that I am handling are all very tough and the audience as well  which is coming is very elite and experienced. So overall, its being a very tough time for me.

I just managed to get a sleep for about an hour in the evening though I was so much tired and couldn’t sleep at all last night. But there were some tasks that I had to finish so had to step out of the house and finish them. I am having a very severe pain in my right knee and left elbow and I have no idea why? I know the reason for the elbow pain but about knee, I am a little worried because it has just started few weeks back and its really really painful. I shall wait and watch for few more days and than will see what to do about it?

There is just tons of work that I need to finish and I am just finding it very much tough to do. Part for the reason that I am traveling like anything and part being just distracted, thanks to tons of things which keep on going in the mind. Anyways, I guess at least for tomorrow, I can put all of this on a halt and enjoy being at home. And the best thing about being at home is home made food so  its time to go and eat something :-) . Ciao!


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