Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silent Tears….

Tears are that asset of human beings which are around all the times. If one is happy, they come to increase that happiness. If one is sad, they still come to share that pain, let it flow down from the eyes from the heart. It doesn’t matter that what you are, how rich/poor you are, tears in all the eyes are of the same color and forever will be in this entire world. Tears, something which say hundreds of stories even without using a single word even! Tears, which can melt hearts made of stone as well. Tears, seeing which in the beloved’s eyes, one can kill and even can get killed! Tears, seeing them in that special person’s eyes appears that the whole world has no meaning, has no importance! Tears, some one who never leaves you, doesn’t matter what! But at times, even these most faithful friends choose to sit back and enjoy the pain of the beholder.

When tears come through the eyes, at least that pain stored in the heart flows down with them. Though it doesn’t help at all, pieces of a broken heart which always is a gift from someone who doesn’t value it but values the entire world out there, flows through these tears. It all happens when that drop of a tear flows down from the eye. But what if when the eyes appear to be dry yet hiding oceans of these tears in them? Ever felt how it feels when one is not able to breathe under water or when someone is chocking your throat? Ever saw someone smiling from his face but having eyes which look so lonely and are dry yet crying? Tears, even when not flowing out from those eyes, may still be there! At that times, the pain touches its peaks and one just feels that why is he being punished to be alive yet die with every breathe? At times, tears stop from coming out of these eyes knowing that this world would make fun of them. Even those who gifted these drops of pain, at times, may go a step ahead and would say this even that there is no time that they have for these useless tears since they have many better things to do like making a good, bright career! And in that important process, there is no place for a useless, worthless item called tears! Just don’t be fooled by this illusion that just because you can’t see someone’s eyes wet, there is nothing in them! You may never know, waves in the oceans of “silent tears” may be touching skies even!

I shall close by putting here two lines of Ahmed Faraz. They are in Hindi and I shall put this version first and will also translate in English. First, the Hindi version,

Yehi soch kar uski har baat ko sach maana tha Faraz,

K itne khoobsurat lab jhooth kaise bolenge!


And the translation in English is,

Just for this reason, assumed all what she said as truth “Faraz”,

How come such pretty lips can speak a lie?

Isn’t Faraz just great!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! how much pain, how much sadness u hv inside u!i can only imagine wht u must hv gone thru. u seem to be a very nice guy n i just cant believe tht sm1 can break heart of such a guy too!i nvr did cry this much as much i had today after reading ur blog. i wish i cud help u in anyway bt alas i cant. all i cn say is that hang on there buddy, dnt give up!ur bloody good just remember that!

February 04, 2010 11:15 AM  

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