Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morning About To Get Ruined….

Its just always that whatever I think/plan, that doesn’t work and what I tell others as well, they seem not to bother about it as well. And that’s exactly what’s happening now as well. I had finished half part of one program yesterday. I was having a program of 1 day which was going to start from 28th and I thought, I shall get some free time to have rest and study. And since I am staying with Sidhu, I asked my travel desk to get my flight booking done a little early so that I can go to Banglore, have some rest there and unpack myself in a nice manner rather than getting there at midnight and still feeling sleepy next day. Well, this was all what I thought and surely enough, it was bound to not to happen and it didn’t as well! I was told today that my 1 day program has been changed to 3 day program. Its going to be a real tough one as well. The travel desk guy has “really” listened to what I said to him and has given me a flight at very early in the morning which means I can’t sleep now as well because the thought of missing the flight is knocking in my mind! So I am just sitting and trying to kill time. My morning, despite being a holiday would be getting ruined and there is nothing that I can even do about it :-( !


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