Monday, January 18, 2010

Being Virtual….

I had reached here at about 10pm last night. I was supposed to be in my flight actually because the flight was actually supposed to fly, I shifted myself from that to an earlier one which saved me 4 hours of travel. I was dead tired still when I got at my hotel. Surely the major reason of it was my traveling but the other reason( and which I feel is more stronger even) is my almost no sleep and water coming from the eyes. Don’t ask me the reasons for anything because I am neither in a state nor in a mood to explain anything. And moreover, it has nothing to do with the title of the post as well. So just to sum up, what else one would expect from a silly guy than seeing him doing silly things right?

I am handling a Live Virtual Class for the first time. The format is simple, me, the instructor is at a different physical location whereas the delegates are from the entire world or should say, are at different locations of this world. The class happens live but not in a real classroom( am using a meeting room at the time) and also the interaction is through an interface, the whole experience is live yet virtual for all! And I am delivering this kind of session for the first time so its all is a sensational experience for me! To be honest, I am not a big fan of such things for longer durations like a full week or so. If its happening for few hours or may a full day even, its okay but I can’t imagine myself sitting and listening to the voice of someone whom I would never see, won’t ever come to know anything about him/her as a person and moreover missing the entire classroom feeling attending which I have taken all of my trainings, education so far! So if one asks me, I won’t say that its such a great thing but looking at the brighter sides of the things, if there are hurdles in sending people for training to other locations due to whatever reasons, than there is nothing which beats LVC format of the training. Well, it doesn’t matter a dime what I feel about the format so I better be quite. About my own experience, I really did like one thing for real and that is that in an LVC session,  I don’t need to bother about my dress code. Why, simple because there is no one to watch me :-) . So which means, no need to wrap a tie around my neck, no need to wear formals and no need to shave as well LOL! Okay okay I guess my headache is making me mad so being sensible, I did finish my first day of being virtual. I can’t say that how things are going, I guess its obvious because I can’t see anyone and also their reactions as well! Its going to be a tough ride for me. Let’s see how everything goes and what experience being virtual brings up!

I am having a very bad headache and I don’t have any medicine also with me now. Also there is a very severe pain in my arm as well. I shall see if I can find some coffee or something to have because there is no mood to have anything else. No, having coffee won’t help in arm pain and I know that as well. Its just for taste, coffee has stopped effecting me now! So for a good taste, hunt starts. Stay tuned for more virtual tales!


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