Sunday, January 03, 2010

First “Travel” Post Of 2010….

Wish you all a very happy new year now officially when we are in the new year :-) . And guess from what becomes the first post of mine in 2010? Okay don’t need to guess, its about the travel of mine for a program that’s starting today after about 3 hours. Well, I didn’t want to go for this tour in the first place( and I still don’t want to go either) but I was given so many reasonings and was requested so much that I was left with no other choice but to say yes. Its a real bad weather though for traveling if you ask me. There is so much fog and winter is at its peak. And moreover, the program is also very tough. I am not sure that what is going to happen? Let’s see and hope that all goes fine! Wish me luck guys, am going to need it so much!

Now some odd things, not much just two of them only! First, I have changed my laptop backpack as well.Well saying changed is not correct I believe as I never used one before :-) . So its going to be a real tough thing for me to get adjusted to this new backpack. Let’s see how it goes? My first reaction was when I saw it filled up with all of my stuff that it would be hard to carry and travel with it. But that’s the same with my old bag as well. I am still not sure though and I may revert back to my old bag only before I leave ;-) . Yes that’s me!

The second thing is that my birthday is coming and countdown is already on :-) . I had a real tough time over my birthday last time and I was so much upset over some one! Hope this time, this would not be the case. I also hope that I would be at my home with my family on this birthday of mine, chances of which though look impossible! Sigh!

I guess I better get going now because there is still a lot left to pack and I have to get ready as well! Its not good to be late and I am known for me being very careful about it so see you in the evening guys!


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