Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being Virtual Continues….

Yes I am still being virtual and the “Being Virtual” series' part-1 got over today. Normally when I finish my program, there are always some last moments when I am shaking hands with all the guys, we exchange e-mail ids ( and some times phone number as well) and most importantly, I am able to see that smile on their faces which does tell me that all did go well. Surely, up till that time period, there are lots of technical and non-technical talks that do happen and all that just keeps the spirits of both, mine and of the delegates alive! But this time, it was different since I was just virtually present for them so nothing like that happened. Yes, we did share some last sentences but I did miss that smiles part for sure! About the program also I don’t have much idea that how it did go, again because of the same reason that I had no way to check that how the recipients are taking it! I just hope that all did go well. As much as I am worried about this program’s score, the same I am worried about tomorrow’s program since I have got an e-mail about what I have to discuss tomorrow? Well, nothing new and nothing different with just one thing to add that the module that I need to talk about, I have no idea about it! Its on a version over which I haven’t worked before. Doesn’t sounds like a good thing right? Well, its really not is and that’s what making me so upset!

It may be a looong night tonight because I would need to sit and study for tomorrow and I am not sure that how much I would be able to prepare in just one night? And just to make my mood more bad, the hotel guys of mine have started playing around tricks with me. Now, when you want to order meals and you are in a hotel, where else you would call besides the room service? Well, so the same place I did call as well. But despite calling twice, no one picked up and the call got transferred to reception. I did get my order placed but it took them 55 minutes to get it! Okay, I have seen worse so I can live with that, nevermind! Let’s order a cup of tea because the headache is there. Same thing, the call goes to the reception and the order gets placed. I was expecting delay but when it went high to as much as 60minutes, I thought I should call and tell that I don’t need tea made from tea leafs picked freshly from farm, the normal would work just fine! So I called and someone picked up the phone and upon asking for tea, he said, sir you can’t get tea! EXCUSE ME!! And why I can’t get, well the answer for that was, sir no you can’t get. I didn’t want to but I had to say that I am going to pay for it okay, I am not asking for a free tea for god’s sake! Some one else grabbed the phone, said sorry and said he is sending it immediately and it did come. Well, the only issue was that it was iced-cold and I didn’t ask for an iced tea! I asked him to take it back and also make me talk to the manager. The manager said sorry and said he would send another cup which he did as well but this time, I asked the waiter to take it back. Another day, I ordered for dinner, no one picked up the call at room service BUT they did call me at 10pm and asked, do I need dinner? I didn’t know that whether I should be upset or should just laugh? Well, I just said that if you are giving a free dinner, I am all up for it! And today when I came back and asked for juice, I was told that I can’t get it because there are no fruits, sweet :-) . Okay, I shall just say that it might be a bad week although it shouldn’t be because it was supposed to be special because it contains a date but it still has become!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Do come back when "Being Virtual” returns! Sounded perfectly like Ripley’s Believe it  Or Not isn’t it ;-) ?


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