Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Really LOOOONG Travel….

I was pretty sure when I wrote the immediate last post that something wrong would surely happen. I just could feel it coming but I didn’t think that it would turn up to be really bad! I have done the travel of that same number of hours which one would spend traveling back and forth from Singapore from India. Any guesses? Yes, about 12 hours when I was actually supposed to spend only about 5 and could be here at about 1pm in the afternoon while I actually landed up at 5pm and in my hotel at 6.45pm!

I had my flight booked initially for 11.30am. It was fine but some problem was coming for the confirmation of it so my travel desk intimated me that they would give some another flight and guess what timing they gave to me, 9.40am! WTH! To get it, I had to start at about 6.30am and which means, I would have to get up at about 5am! And given the reason that I can’t sleep when I have to get so early and that too to catch a flight, I couldn’t really sleep at all the whole night! I got ready and left when my cab came right at 6.30am. I was at the airport at about 7am, finished check-in and went to have breakfast. Finished it and was waiting for the flight to be announced , only to see that nothing happened up till 9.30 even! Staff told that the flight is delayed to 10.10am and since then, it was just 30 minutes increasing every time when I asked! Finally at about 2.30pm the flight took off, making us reach at Bangalore at about 5pm. And since it takes about 1.5 hours in a day light traffic from airport to city where my hotel happens to be, it just covered up the entire 12hours timeline perfectly! And it was just not travel but couple of other things as well added to the agony!

When you have to wait for so long, its for sure that you would like to have some thing. I did have the breakfast in the morning at about 8am and I thought to have a mini lunch sort of thing by having a pizza and Coke. The sales guy said that would I like to spend few extra bucks and would like to add garlic bread as well, to which I said yes! Just when I paid the amount of bill, the airline announced that free refreshment would be given to the passengers! Great, just damn great! Couldn’t they announce just a minute ago so that I could skip paying the amount? Anyways, I didn’t bother to check what they were offering because the stuff I got was good. Those who know me, are aware about this fact that I drink coffee a lot and I did have a latte with the breakfast as well. But I wanted to have another one and just when I was wandering around to decide where to get it, I saw a counter where Aloha drinks were being served. I asked for something hot and that guy said he can give me a mint, ginger, lemon based tea. Now how bad that can be right? I said yes, go ahead and get me one! He asked me that should he be adding some honey to it as well, why not I said ? I paid for it and had the first sip. YUCK! May be I can’t have any tea which is not traditional or may be the guy did make it really bad or may be it was Aloha! I just cursed myself that why I didn’t go and pick a standard one but hey, that’s how one learns!

Finally, after all said and done, I am in my hotel now and from tomorrow, a very tough session will be starting. Hope no one says Aloha to me :-)! 


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