Friday, January 22, 2010

A Completely Spoiled [B]Day….

There are times when one wishes so much from god, all what is good, all what is best for him, he asks from god. But some people, don’t do it. They only wish very rarely for something and that too normally is not something earth shattering kind of thing, something as costly as asking on a very cold day, a ray of sunlight from him! And they don’t do it only with the god but from the people around them. They don’t ask for a BMW or an I-phone or anything stupid thing like that but just a very simple thing like a smile or a hug, things which may mean nothing to many but for some, that’s all what counts! Is asking for a sunlight or for a moment of smile too much costly to ask for? It seems it is for both god and for people because somehow, both fail to give it most of the times! And that’s exactly what did happen today which fortunately(or unfortunately, I don’t know) is the day when I came on this planet Earth! Yes, its my birthday today and as per the convention, it should had been a “happy” birthday but for me, it just turned out to be a day when I got upset almost at its peak!

I was called by a colleague for some troubleshooting which needed to be done over his database. My phone was switched off for some time yesterday since I was having a very severe headache and I just wanted to have some rest and I guess, that’s a crime to do. I was told many “lessons” in a very “strong” pitch that why I must not switch off my phone. If it would be a normal day, people won’t bother for this even that whether Aman is dead or alive but since someone needed my help, even for my phone being "dead”( off is the same state what dead is for a phone) was a problem for them! Nevermind, I did solve it and in that process, the time period of birthday wish, 12am , also did pass! I couldn’t even attend to those who did call me up ( the number was very less though , can count it on fingers ). I did try to revert back to those who did take the pain to stay awake and call me, even from across the other ends of the world even! This was one part of the story which made me upset. The second part which did make me upset was that I saw some doing things knowingly which are bound to make me upset and it did happen just when I opened my eyes. It was still so early in the morning and hotel staff mentioned that its cold today but I was burning like anything and the irony was that the day wasn’t even started yet!

At work, I asked someone few days ago to send me some documents which were needed for today’s session. That person took it lightly and only did manage to send that document late in the evening yesterday. When I did see the document, it became visible to me that I won’t be able to handle the requirement. I did try reaching the concerned person but he didn’t pick up my calls. Since the delegates asked me to check couple of things about today’s session and to add to it, I knew there would be issues with the document that was sent to me, I wanted to speak with this guy very keenly! But I came to know that he had to leave the office since there was some medical emergency that did strike to one of his relatives. I called him up and he promised me that he would call by 9 in the night but he didn’t. I would say that he couldn’t because in the morning, whatever he told me , that makes me say “didn’t” only! Anyways, all said and done, I was able to speak to him in the morning and explained to  him the entire situation, discussing which we came to the conclusion that we would call off today’s program. I decided to speak to the delegates and he said that he would talk to the senior management as well as would start working for the next possible schedule for the same program! Since he himself was not able, he mentioned to me that he would come late! I did say all whatever was there to the delegates. One delegate got very upset.  We did speak for about half an hour and skipping all the nitty-gritty details, I would just say that it didn’t go very well. I had no fault of mine anywhere since it was never my duty to revert back to them and I would even say that it wasn’t  a mistake on the part of the other guy as well who was actually supposed to do it since he himself was facing serious personal issues. All what was required by others was to understand this and let it go since we are committed to deliver whatever we promised and its not just like that, its our job! But all the heat still came over me since I was the one who was doing the public facing and despite having no part anywhere, I was giving explanations for things which I didn’t do even! Anyways, all this did happen and kept on for quite some time. For enough time which did make me say finally that is  it really a “happy” birthday of mine and if this is what birthday is supposed to be, its better that if it won’t come next year! I shall be much happy with that rather than seeing all of this happening on this day which won’t come back in a year again now! I was told that the last program did go exceptionally well which was a bit good to hear after an almost spoiled [birth]day!

I am back in my hotel and just when I entered, I got a message from my airline carrier that my flight has got delayed by 3 hours which means, if it would actually fly(which I am starting to doubt now), it would be almost morning when I shall be reaching Delhi and on the same very day, I have to start a program. There goes the idea of having some rest and also goes away the feeling that it was supposed to be a day when I was meant to be a little happy if not too much! Yeah right!


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