Friday, January 29, 2010

Sad Yet True….

At times, with very few words and lines, those things are said for which even books of thousands of pages may not be enough. Doing so is not an easy task to do and very distinct authors only are gifted to do so. Ahemd Faraz is one of those few who can recite an entire story in just two lines! I have already posted couple of poetries penned by him over my blog which you would find using the search option and I would strongly suggest that you must read as much poetry as you can of his!

Its always pain, sadness which can’t be confined in words. One doesn’t need much to show his happiness but for pain, sadness, even tears fail to express the intensity. One may want to tell what he is feeling but there seems to be no words matching with that expression. But some times, you just read something which hits the nail right on the head! The following two lines are just like that only, explaining pain in the most beautiful manner I shall say.  Its in Hindi and as usual , I shall do the translation in English as well. Have a read,

Mili saza jo mujhe wo kisi khata pe nai Faraz,

Mujh par zurm saabit hua jo wafa ka tha!


And its meaning in English is,

The punishment that I got was not for any mistake of mine,

I was just declared convict of doing a crime of being in love!

Nothing fits for it other than a word,”awesome” !


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