Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Short Story....

I just read this one in the mail and couldn't stop myself from sharing it here. Some times, even in few words, a lot is said and that's what this story says. Have a read:

Once there was a boy. He always dreamed to be in love and be with that lady who would be his love of life. He never knew what it is to be in love but he always thought it would be the best thing that can happen to anyone. And as they say, if you wish for some thing truly it will come to you. He did fell in love(at least that's what he thought). He loved his lady more than anything else and thanked God that finally he has got what he always dreamed of. But there was some thing else that was written for him. One fine day, his love left him saying that she never loved him. And since that day he just used to sit and cry. One day, one of his friend said to him that he shouldn't be sad. It happens. The guy replied that tears come not coz of his pain but its for his love coz he has lost the one who never loved him but she has lost the one who only loved her.

And thinking about this , there are some lines which come to my mind always. These are from one of the best and most famous Punjabi Sufi poets, Baba Fareed. These lines depict the pain of that lover who got hurt by none other else but his love only. They are in Punjabi. I shall explain their meaning in English in a while. Have a read:

Ve kasam khuda di tun sanu pyara laggen,

Te tu na kar jor dhigane!

Nange pinde sade maare shammkan,

Te mere ronde ne nain nimane!

Jinnian tan mere te laggian,

Tere ik vi lagge tan tun jane!

Gulam farida dil othe dayie,

Ve jithe agla kadar v jane!

And their meaning in English is :

I love you from my heart truly,

Please don't hurt me like this!

Dont smack me on my naked body,

And give me just tears in my eyes!

As much wounds I have taken and the pain I am in,

When you will get just one even than you will come to know!

Gulam Farida, give your love at that place only,

Where some one at least understands what love is and respects it!

I shall conclude by saying this only that pain and pleasure both are there with love. Love sets one free but this is love only which makes one bounded. Love is the only thing which brings this whole world's joys to one but this is love only who also gives pains for the life time. Yes it is love only which will make you feel that now you are not alone and have some one with you in all the times but it is love only whose pain will force you to be alone coz there wont be nothing left with you after getting hurt in love. I have said it before too, love is not a road full of roses but its an ocean of fire and one has to swim through it to get to the other end. Its very easy to say to some one that you love him/her. Its not very difficult to make that person believe in you too. But the real test in love comes in front of you when you have to stand with your love and that too when no one else can take your place. And if that time , one backs off than there is no thing which can be said and done to prove that he/she really loved some one. Love is not receiving but giving. Yes giving even if you never will get anything from your love but still giving coz that's the all you can do, you cant force some one to love you, cant make some one to be with you. But remember , if you are among those who are just there to receive only and have planned to back off when your love would call you to be with him than mind my words, there will be one day when you will come to know that this was the worst you could do to some one. Its very easy to say that you are sorry but remember only that face knows how it felt when it was slapped! Only that face knows how much was the pain and how much was the insult. That hand will never come to close even to imagine how it feels to be slapped. Yes love is hard, love is tough.  But that's what it is. If you don't have those guts to be with your love than you have no right to be in love too coz love is not run away when you are needed. Love is to stand right there and give your head on the front in place of your love and happily give away your self for the sake of him. Love is not look for your prestige and pride. As it is said, Ishq nachaye jis nu yaar, oh fir nache vich bazar. means that when some one is in love, she/he will dance on the road too for his love. Not because she doesn't have any shame but because she is not caring about anybody else anymore.  Its just his love who is in her eyes and heart and with that pleasure , she/he is not bothered where is she/he.  If you are thinking that this is madness than my friend, that's what love is all about.  You need to be mad to fall in love and you need to be crazy to stay in it. But if you are more worried what will happen to you or you are more scared and worried about your pride and reputation or what you get or lose after being in love than I guess love is not some thing which you should think about. If that makes you more worried that being with your love will embarrasse you than you are not supposed to be in love because love is not feeling ashamed coz you are in love but feel proud that you have got the best gift that a human can get and that is some one who loves you. Love is the matter of hearts not the minds and only mind warns you that you are looking like a fool dancing on road. Heart wont ever say coz it knows that in it , its that some one special whom you love and in front of that person, this whole world too is nothing! Never lose any chance to give even the smallest happiness to your love and never even in dreams too, hurt your love. Always remember, it always hurt much more when some one gets hurt by his/her own love and remember this, in those times, sorries , reasons and excuses wont do any healing.Remeber sorry doesn't make dead alive!


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