Tuesday, October 30, 2007


If you are working with Oracle than redo log files have a huge impact on the performance of the database. Its some times a huge pain how to attain an optimal size for the redo log files and the corresponding checkpointing and archiving frequency. One option is to find the redo generation rate of your database which is not so-easy option as it will keep on varying.  Second will be the sizing of the redo log files again which becomes a pain coz there is no rule of thumb( well 20minutes as per oracle) given for it. There is one parameter called Archive_lag_target which is described here in oracle docs. This is given mainly for the dataguard configurations but Howard Rodgers has given a very good explanation for using it on standalone databases too on oracle forums.  It was a good learning to know about it. Here are some links of discussion if you are interested.

How often should a database archive its logs

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Redo log size increase and performance

Learning never stops!


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