Monday, October 01, 2007

Not Happy....

Yes I am not.  I am certainly not. As I said in my last post,  I am so much upset over certain things that has taken place and over some people. I am not sure where and how things are turning? I have faced the consequences of some mistakes that I did in my past and for which I am made to pay a heavy price. I have got two worst comments that I could possibly get from anyone. No they are not from my program candidates. One came from a friend and the other from a professional with whom I had a talk for 10 minutes some thing. I am told that I don't know anything about Oracle. Well I never claimed to be a guru in it but I did think that I do know one thing or two about it. Just because I don't work in a specific environment and about which I don't know anything coz that's not my day to day environment of working, does it mean that I don't know "anything" about Oracle? Hmm well I guess its always wrong to give excuses for anything so I wont give anymore excuses now. I know what I have to do and I shall do that for sure. I shall make sure that I shall be hearing that I do "know" databases.  About what my friend said to me, I guess I cant do anything about it now.  As I said, I need to learn some lessons and I need to learn them quickly. I shall try to listen some songs now as that's the only possible way I can think to distract me from all these thoughts. Tomorrow is my time to travel and traveling and my work requires me to be in my senses. Hope I shall be!


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