Sunday, October 14, 2007

Encounter With ORA-00600

In one of my last programs, we had to be face to face with ORA-00600. Well its not a nice error message to see and that too when you had least expected it.  So what happened? Well our machines were not in the network. We didn't need the network too so we didn't bother.  In one of the discussions, there was a requirement that asked for network to be up. Those were Linux machines and students didn't know how to enable network over there. Well I know a little about Linux so I did make it enable and also enabled the use of DHCP . Nothing seems to be wrong, network was up, internet also came up and Oracle was working fine. I would mention here that our /etc/hosts file was empty as the host information was not required and was picked up by DHCP. After one scenario, we needed to bounce the database. After instance startup, we were greeted with ora-00600[keltnfy-ldmInit],[46],[1]. Well ora-00600 is an internal error ( as it is told in the description also) and the time it comes, its always suggested to contact support to find the cause and remedy for it. The problem was I couldn't call support for me and the other solution was to re-install all the machines. Well I did read some where that all the codes of ora-00600 doesn't mean that oracle needs to be contacted to rectify it. So I opened that document and found that this error code that came to us is Oracle's way of saying that it couldn't find the information of the host on which it was sitting. So it stopped the mounting of the database. So the solution was that we edited the /etc/hosts file and entered the host information with host name as "local host" and the IP address that we were getting at that time. As the machines wouldn't be rebooted so it was safe to enter that value. Tried starting oracle and voila! We were back in the business!It was a good feeling to get rid of an ora-00600. But just to be clear, I am no-way-at-all an Oracle expert. Yes I learned one thing, if one knows about some thing and uses that information at the right time and place, most of the things are manageable. So at least for once, we won over ora-00600 ;-)!


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