Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hotmail & Coolhotmail....

Hotmail is among the oldest and most popular free email sites which are doing a great work. Since the time , Microsoft has bought it and with the new enhancement done, its really is much improved and stable. But now there is one more advertisement on the air which says that you are lost between the similar type of domains given to you for your personal mail id. Everyone is unique and the mail domain should reflect you. That's an another thing if you have your domain and you maintain your own web site. Well all wont have( and wont need too) so for that purpose, to give you an identity of your choice, Microsoft has now introduced Coolhotmail which will give you choice to pick your domain name which suits you and your personality. Cool thought I guess! So just go and check which domain suits you and pick that to get an email id which is just about you.  Did I pick one for me?Well yes I did and I am leaving it as a guess for you to find out what I would have picked for me ;-)! Prize for guessing? Well you will get an email from me from the domain saying congratulations you were right and you will be among those very few who would come to know this email id of mine :-). Nice right! So keep guessing and hope you find what describes you in Coolmail.


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