Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yes I am back. I don't know why but this trip was some thing which gave me a lot of troubles and tensions and that too right from the starting of it. Still some how I guess I am able to finish it up with a good note and that's what matters the most!

This time there was a change in the travel plan as my manager had to come along with me. So he called me up and said that I need not to take bus as he would take me with him to his place and from there we would go. It sounded right so I said okay for it. Well if you know me already( if you don't than you must know now) than you know that I just hate people who don't value commitment and also are not punctual. I never let that happen in my best powers possible that I never get late from the scheduled time and no one has to wait for me. And I think that's the same that everyone else should do too. But as it is said one cant get all from this world and not all are same.  The same applies to some people who don't really care about the time and commitment. So I was standing and waiting at the decided place since 9am as it was supposed to be 9.45am when he had to come and pick me up. Hmm I don't mind wait so I was standing calm there.  But I have a problem too.  I have a lot and I really mean it , ALOT of patience but once it is over than I am not so calm and this time it really did happen. What was supposed to be 9.45 became 11. And I don't like at all excuses. Do anything but please don't give me excuses, don't try to make me "understand" that why what which is wrong that you have done , I should accept it and say its right.  I cant and wont do that! But some times even though you do have so much anger still you cant say anything coz some other constraints do come in the front. And the same happened here too. So all I could do was to hear and sit quietly after hearing it.

So after all this, we some how managed to get to his place at about 12.45pm. All we were supposed to do was to have lunch, he had to take 3 suits for the program and we could leave. And I told that it would be better if we would leave at 2pm than we wont have any issues or worries. But again, what you decide its not bound to be complete when you have to take along some one else too. What was supposed to be a maximum one hour thing, it took 3 hours. And I had nothing in my hand except sitting and waiting. So we finished up everything and left at about 3pm for Delhi to catch our flight. Ours was the common flight. It would take about 4 hours normally from his place to Delhi so I thought its still not so bad. The flight was supposed to be at 8.10pm so I thought we can make it still. Only later I was going to know that expecting some thing before it happens is not a right thing to do. Well you can expect what I would had felt when I saw that it was 7.45pm and we just got at the airport. Great isn't it? Well it became more better when we were told that we cant board as it was already so late. By so much requests some how crew allowed but than they started making a fuss that my baggage is too much big. And I had to hear that why the heck did I carry such a bag! Hmm only if I knew that I would get at the airport 15 minutes before the scheduled time, I would had taken a small one but alas I didn't have any intuitions or 6th sense of that. Some how, we got the permission and we finally boarded. This was not the trouble's ending. When we got down , the terminal arrival bus got skid over some stones and all passengers had to walk to the arrival hall. Cool isn't it? When we left for the guest house than I came to know that I am put up in that guest house which I hate the most! Aah joys of travel are too much some times!

Well if this was the case only, I was okay with it. When in the morning, I started my program, after about 2 hours I came to know the installation was not correct. And after checking out I found out of 16 machines, only 2 were properly installed and rest all required reinstallation.  Too much for joy isn't it? Well I told the person responsible that he needs to take care of this immediately.  He also did that and made it sure that in the evening all the machines were up and ready for the next day. Some how the second day came and machines were working. Only problem was now they were not in the network and we needed to download some demo files over them. So we needed to bring them in the network. Well not too much of a task and I did that. Everything was great till the evening at 5pm when I came to know that Oracle crashed on all the machines instantly with ORA-0600.I don't think anyone would like to see that when he is about to wind up nice and sweet, I knew the error and also the remedy for it.  But I don't know what was wrong with me at that time that I couldn't do it.  Even after trying for 3 hours I couldn't do anything and I just gave up everything. I was so much pist off over so many things and people. I decided that I shall tell the person who takes care of setups to fix everything in the morning and I left for the day. I was so much angry and upset! What else can you ask for to call a day a bad day? Did I mention that in all this while ( and now too) , I was not fine too and was suffering from cold,cough and fever(which is still right there in full swing)?

Well I decided to came up early in the morning and try one more time with a much calm and focussed manner. With God's grace,I removed the error. I was happy for 2 reasons.  First that I now wont have a need to tell a disaster news to some one right in the morning and second that I corrected the issue! Well it was the last day of the program.  Everything went smooth.  We finished up properly and also with a good note and smile on everyone's face.

While coming back, I was not alone again and was with the same person again :-). Things were going in the same track and went too. But we did pass time talking and discussing so many things and some how passed the entire travel.

So the most important thing, my program , it did went well and as I did it for the people who actually "make the technology", its a nice feeling. Now health is little shaky.  Lets see when it will be fine.  Hope soon!


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