Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What You Always See Is Not Always True....

Today someone came up to me with a situation.  It was a relationship problem of his friend who unfortunately was not so lucky in love and had her heart broken.  After listening to the whole situation, it turned out to me that somewhere, there was some fault of that gal too.  I know it hurts so much and  I understand completely what she must be feeling at the moment but still if she would had acted in a different manner for some matters, things could be much more easier for her today.  I hope everything goes fine with her and she get herself recovered as soon as possible.  After hearing the whole situation, when I said to that person that that gal had some fault too, he didn't like it very much as she is very close to him.  He said that she is not wrong anywhere and don't say that she is at any fault.  But I guess if you are asking for an opinion, you must make yourself ready for any good/bad opinions that may come up along the way.  It is not always that you will hear favorable things only for you and/or for your closed ones.  Anyways things didn't go much smooth and at the end that person left saying this to me that you will understand her situation only when you would face the same.  I shall see what you would do at that time?
I shall not say much but just this only that don't think that the person sitting next to you never faced anything bad/painful in his/her life.  It may be possible that he/she is smiling so much from the face but that smile is not true. You can never judge for sure and can never say with an authority that only your pain is the biggest and worst.  It is very likely possible that the person next to you too had seen/faced ,if not more, the same amount of pain for him/herself.  Try to see beyond those shining eyes.  May be you will find some hidden tears somewhere in them too. Remember , what you always see, it is not always true.


Blogger Tim... said...

I agree with you. As the saying goes,

"It takes two to tango!"

Every time you interact with another person you are in some way responsible for the outcome. That's not to say each individual has total control, but to admit no liability is a little nieve.

Your friend needs to take charge of her own destiny.



October 03, 2006 6:30 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

It takes two to Tango!
So true sir!I know it so closely that it hurts so much and words cant describe the pain of a broken heart!But still,somewhere,may be a little only,the other person is also responsible for this pain.That's what I tried to mention but may be it wasnt liked much!Truth is always bitter!
I just hope that she gets over from this as soon as possible and as you said,takes charge of her own destiny(something which most people don't dare to do).

October 03, 2006 10:22 PM  

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